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    Welcome To Reckoning

    Reckoning is a Pre-CU SWG server powered by SWGEmu. Reckoning is staffed by experienced players whose common goal is to bring Pre-CU SWG back to the masses, while also striving to provide the best possible play experience for our community. We firmly believe that the Pre-CU era of the game provided the best Star Wars experience in terms of gameplay and core mechanics. Our end goal is to take Pre-CU and grow the experience. While we might add new items, features, content, and quests, we will never mess with or alter the core Pre-CU experience that our players have come to know and love.

    Reckoning is one of the longest running, populated, and most stable AGPL compliant servers available today. With proven stability and longevity, we look forward to seeing our community continue to grow and flourish for many more years to come.

    New to Reckoning? Joining is as easy as following our How To Connect Guide and then clicking "PLAY" on our launcher. Once set up, hop in game and relive the SWG saga!

    Notice: If you do not get your activation email, please send an email to admin@swgreckoning.com with the user name that you used to register. Sometimes, providers mistakenly block our email as spam.

    Downtime 3/2

    By Aso,

    I was just messaged by FMJ that the server is down. I’m out right now, so I’ll get it back online as soon as I can.

    Update: As of 5:25PM ET, the server is back online. Something happened with the MySQL instance where it was killed. Will look into that tonight now that I'm home.

    Automated Server Restart Change

    By Aso,

    The server will now restart on Tuesdays at 6AM ET every week instead of Mondays. I'm making this change so I can monitor the shutdown as it happens.

    Reckoning Five Year Anniversary Celebration

    By Aso,

    Reckoning Five Year Anniversary Celebration


    In celebration of Reckoning's Five Year Anniversary, we will be holding an event this weekend, Friday, January 10th (6:00AM ET) to Monday, January 13th (4:00AM ET).

    Another year in the books for us here at Reckoning. As always, a big shout out to all players, both old and new, that call Reckoning home. Bar none, the best community still playing this game today.


    Event Details:

    • Experience will be doubled for the duration of the event.
    • You will receive the Five Year Anniversary event badge.
    • You will receive the Five Year Anniversary event painting.
    • Reckoning Credits will begin dropping from all mobs within the world.

    Santa's Workshop Event

    By Aso,

    Santa will be handing out gifts at his workshop on Rori (-43, -182) during the Holiday Event. This will occur on Tuesday, December 24th @ 8PM ET - 9PM ET and Wednesday, December 25th @ 8PM ET - 9PM ET.

    There are some simple rules for this event that all players participating must follow.

    • Santa's gifts are ONE per account. You cannot bring another character to get more. ALL gifts handed out are logged, and If I see your account id more than once later when I check the log, you'll end up on Santa's naughty list. You won't like the consequences of being on that list, so just don't do it.
    • Please line up in front of Santa's throne in an orderly line to aid Santa in giving out gifts.
    • After receiving your gift, we ask that that you move to the side, or exit the building. Again, this helps Santa hand out gifts. It's cool if you want to hang out, you just need to be far away from the line.
    • Absolutely no PvP.

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