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    22 February 2018      04 May 2019

    On one or more of the various planets (except Tanaab which is still in development), players may find a factory which will be named "email Rincewind - identify location".   Each factory contains a few of the items on display in the "Prize House" (located on Naboo near 0, 0).  This is an ongoing event - as a factory gets found, another may be placed on a different planet.  Broadcast announcements are made in General Chat occasionally.

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    09 March 2019 03:00 PM      06:00 PM

    Imperial Frequency transmission
    General Cera calling in from the Mos Espa detachment - we've been surrounded by Tusken raiders, send reinforcements at once! I am initiating the failsafe protocols to prevent this base from falling to their control.

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    09 March 2019 04:00 PM      06:30 PM

    Rebel frequency transmission
    Marshall Stifa calling in from Mos Taike - we need help!  the town has been surrounded by Dune Stalkers!

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