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    22 February 2018      31 August 2021

    On one or more of the various planets (except Tanaab which is still in development), players may find a factory which will be named "target factory. make a waypoint - email waypoint to Rincewind".   Each factory contains a few of the items on display in the "Prize House". 
    This is an ongoing event - as a factory gets found, another may be placed on a different planet.  Broadcast announcements are made in General Chat occasionally.

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    04 July 2019      05 July 2019

    There will be several spot events popping up in random locations through out the galaxy. The spawns will range from Novice to Master. 
    These spawns will range from Solo-able to OMG bring friends. Muahahaha

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    04 July 2019      07 July 2019

    Reckoning Reward Credits will be given to players actively participating in some of the events scheduled this weekend. 
    We look forward to seeing all of you!

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    04 July 2019

    **GNN Special Report** On the Emperor's recent visit to the Theed Palace, his prized boar "Slipknot" escaped his harness.
    The little waddler wandered off and is now loose somewhere inside the city.
    A reward is being offered to find the critter before the Emperor takes notice and his staff start dropping.
    *As an added bonus, you will get to take Slipknot home*

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    03 July 2019 04:00 PM      08 July 2019 08:15 AM

    The Galactic Pet Adoption Agency is holding an open pet adoption in Coronet.
    The agency is busting at the seams and they need to make room. These adorable creatures will be available in front of the Coronet Starport.
    Creature Handlers, this is a great opportunity for you to fill your stables

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    03 July 2019 05:20 PM      08 July 2019 07:00 AM

    A Lottery droid has been set up in front of the Coronet starport. Lottery starts at 2,000,000 credits and will run through Monday .
    The winner of the lottery will win all credits posted to the Lottery Droid. 
    You have to play to win. 20,000 credit entry fee. You will need cash. Good luck everyone!

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