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    22 February 2018      31 August 2021

    On one or more of the various planets (except Tanaab which is still in development), players may find a factory which will be named "target factory. make a waypoint - email waypoint to Rincewind".   Each factory contains a few of the items on display in the "Prize House". 
    This is an ongoing event - as a factory gets found, another may be placed on a different planet.  Broadcast announcements are made in General Chat occasionally.

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    01 June 2021      04 July 2021

    Reckoning's Got Talent?
    The Galactic Home Show begins June 1st and will run through July 4th! 
    Break out your scissors, chain saws, measuring tape, floral arrangements and get those creative juices flowing. Show us what you've got Reckoning. 
    -Players must enter during the event period. To enter post on this thread Your Name and home location (Planet & Way Point). 
    -There will be ONE Winner. 
    -The winner will be selected by the staff.  
    -Participants can submit multiple structures but only win with one. 
    -The winner will receive the badge "Winner of the galactic home show" 
    -The winner will be able to select three items from the prize house and may receive one special item that is not available in the prize house (Special item will be random and at the staff's discretion.)  
    -Participants will be judged on creativity and theme.  
    -Structures entered in previous home shows will not qualify - we want new goodies!
    -The structure you enter must be your own, regardless of who does the decorating. Only the structures account owner can win the prizes.  
    -A Winner will be announced July 5th. 
    We've seen some of the most amazing Cantina's, Guild Hall's and Homes scattered across the galaxy and we are very excited to see what you can do. 

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    09 June 2021 10:00 PM

    This event begins 09/05/2018 and repeats every 4 weeks on Wednesday forever

    *Phase 2*
    CP - M.Speed - Dageerin (5238, -4189) - Melee PowerUp with +30% Speed and 500 uses
    Track down and destroy 8 enemy bases (only 3 may be done per day, you must wait 24 real life hours of server up-time between your sets of 3, not just till server reset). You are given a tool in your datapad to track the bases, it gives you a "threat level", when it's high you're moving towards your target. When you get to a base wait for your quest journal to update, then kill the Sith there. Return to Dageerin after each mission. This powerup CANNOT be applied to LightSabers.
    ER - Vehicular Control - Whip (5283, -4226) - Focus Crystal, +2k health 2hrs once per 3 days [Does not stack with Health Buffs]
    You will be given a WP on Endor, when you get there, a crashed ship will be within about 500m (it spawns on the overhead map as a structure) with Sith guards, when you get near to the camp the supplies will appear in your inventory with a system message, return to Whip (Just get close to him and they transfer over, but you must talk to him to get the next wp). Repeat five times. If you're having problems make sure you're at the right camp (sometimes they spawn quite close to one another). Some additional information from Jagger', missions are ~3k away from the starport, 7 sith at each (2 thugs, 5 pirates). Arteus47 has also put together some information on this quest, found here. It has also been suggested that you can just drive up to your camp and yoink the crate without fighting the Sith. If you have problems with your mission you can now reset the mission with Whip.
    HS - Survey - Eozlin (5200, -4141) - Some resources and An Inorganic Survey Tool (Chemical, Gas, Mineral, Water)
    **Must have Novice Artisan**
    Find 50%+ concentrations of different resources (Aluminum, Gemstone, Energy [Wind/Solar], Ore, Copper, Steel, Iron, Gas), your Force Crystal will tell you which you have to do next. All you have to do is survey for them and be standing on a spot that is above 50%, you do not have to sample. You get a Sith resource loot item for each successful survey. You do not have to return when you're done, you do not have to stay on Dath.
    CM - Technique - Quharek (5247, -4032) - LS Crafting Tool [0.00, 5 or 20 Guaranteed Critical Assemblies]
    **Must have Novice Artisan**
    Note this quest is capped, only the first X people may take the quest

    [For exact step by step instructions with pictures check out this]
    Contribute 10 Items (Reinforced Wall Module, Small Turret and Refined X count as items) to the village crafting project. To contribute, get a schematic, or check the status, talk to the binary load lifter droid QT-QC [Located at (5193, -4196)]. This is where those unstackable resource loots from Sith are used. It seems the bare minimum will be 200 resources. These resources are found are from looting Sith (so talk to people doing combat missions), additionally anyone who did the Eozlin Survey quest this phase should have gotten 7 of them as well (one per successful survey). As of yet no rewards have been handed out.
    Reinforced Wall Module: 10 Similar Endrine Ore, 10 Similar Rudic Ore, [optional] 1 Reinforced Wall Module
    Small Turret: 1 Turret Hardware, 1 Turret Electronics
    Turret Electronics: 5 Similar Rudic Ore, 10 Similar Ardanium II Energy, [optional] 1 Turret Electronics
    Turret Hardware: 5 Similar Endrine Ore
    Refined Ardanium II: 20 Similar Ardanium II Energy
    Refined Endrine: 20 Similar Endrine Ore
    Refined Rudic: 20 Similar Rudic Ore
    Village Defenses: 1 Refined Endrine, 1 Refined Rudic, 1 Refined Ardanium II, 1 Reinforced Wall Module, 1 Small Turret[Note, this item is uncraftable]
    The reward seems to have 20 uses if you won a category (most quality or quantity overall, most quality or quantity on a single item) and 5 uses if you didn't. According to what I've read, a Critical Success is above Amazing, and may allow you to go over hard caps, may only affect one line, may affect all of them, still waiting to here back from people actually using them.

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