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    01 November 2023 10:00 PM

    This event began 09/12/2018 and repeats every 4 weeks on Wednesday forever

    *Phase 3*
    CP - M.Accuracy - Capt Sarguillo (5313, -4161) - Named Jedi Colour Crystal
    [If grouped you also get: Power Crystal, +900 mind 1.5hrs once per 4 days]
    Capture the commander of an enemy base. Each base has Strong Shield, turrets and Sith. You must first disable the shields to get into the base. Waypoints to the bases along with the codes (Remote Frequency Codes) to disable the shields are found on the NPCs around the bases. Each base has a different code for unlocking the shields. The Captain gives you a device (Shield Generator Remote) to turn off the shield of a particular base when you give him the appropriate frequency code (you must also hand him waypoints, unsure as to why yet). After disabling the shields you must kill 5 Sith to have the Commander spawn. He has a capture option from the radial menu, use it (You only have a limited amount of time to get him before the shields come back up). He will then follow you (you must take him back to the village), do not leave him behind or you will fail. You only have an hour to get him back to the village, and Sith will attack you to try to get him back (if he tries to escape you have a short time to recapture him)
    You can do this mission with another player in order to get the bonus reward (Power Crystal), The Captian will offer you the ability to do this partnership at the beginning, in this case one person lowers the shield and the other captures the commander. Both people are doing the mission, both will unlock and get rewards, neither can take other missions.
    The Base WP's are the same locations on every server, but which base is which is server dependent. Check out this for your server specifics. The following is a list of Base WPs. :
    The following are confirmed by at least 2 people:
    -2932, 738 -1977, 2234 -1680, 1703 4027, -1402 -1721, -4684 1311, 1219 -1000, 2300 -410, 2506 5315, -1145 2960, 45 -1092, 2343 -390, -1966 -1017, -2873 The following are confirmed by only 1 person:
    700, 750 3053, 37 3076, 2174 -1000, 2300 1073, 1860  
    ER - R.Defense - Dageerin (5238, -4189) - 5 Use +10 to Ranged Defense item
    Track down and destroy 8 enemy bases (only 3 may be done per day, you must wait 24 real life hours of server up-time between your sets of 3, not just till server reset). You are given a tool in your datapad to track the bases, it gives you a "threat level", when it's high you're moving towards your target. When you get to a base wait for your quest journal to update, then kill the Sith there. Return to Dageerin after each mission.
    HS - Luck - Eozlin (5200, -4141) - Inorganic Survey Tool [Same as Phase 2]
    **Must have Novice Artisan**
    Find 50%+ concentrations of different resources (Iron, Gas, Energy, Aluminum, Ore, Gemstone, Steel, Copper). After you survey for them and are standing on a spot that is above 50%, you have to sample until you collect an unknown quantity. You get a Sith resource loot item for each successful survey.
    CM - Experimentation - Quharek (5292, -4108) - LS Crafting Tool [0.00, 5 or 20 Guaranteed Critical Assemblies]
    **Must have Novice Artisan**
    Note this quest is capped, only the first X people may take the quest
    Contribute 20 Items to the village crafting project. To contribute, get a schematic, or check the status, talk to the binary load lifter droid QT-QC [Located at (5193, -4196)]. This is where those unstackable resource loots from Sith are used. It seems the bare minimum will be 200 resources. These resources are found are from looting Sith (so talk to people doing combat missions), additionally anyone who did the Eozlin Survey/Luck quest this phase should have gotten 7 of them as well (one per successful survey). We believe that rewards will be handed out at phase shift, if you win a category (Quantity/Quality) your reward will have more uses. Using a component back in itself improves its quality, but does not cause the component to count as 2 items (Have had some reports of this not working with Unit Computers).
    Power Supply: 2 Similar Ostrine Ore, 3 Similar Endrine Ore, 5 Similar Wind Crystal Energy, [optional] 1 Power Supply
    Primary Computer: 4 Similar Rudic Ore, 3 Similar Ardanium II Energy, 3 Similar Wind Crystal Energy, [optional] 1 Primary Computer
    Regulator: 5 Similar Rudic Ore, 5 Similar Ostrine Ore, [optional] 1 Regulator
    Shield Connections: 10 Similar Ostrine Ore
    Shield Housing: 6 Similar Endrine Ore, 4 Similar Rudic Ore
    Unit Computer: 4 Similar Rudic Ore, 6 Similar Ardanium II Energy, [optional] 1 Unit Computer
    Endrost Alloy: 8 Similar Endrine Ore, 1 Ostrine Ore, 1 Wind Crystal Energy
    Village Shields:1 Endrost Alloy, 1 Shield Housing, 1 Power Supply, 1 Unit Computer, 1 Regulator, 1 Shield Connections, 1 Primary Computer[Note, this item is uncraftable]

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