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    28 June 2021 03:00 AM      05 July 2021 03:00 AM

    The Society for Promotion of Cruelty to Cavemen is proud to host a Dantooine lottery to raise awareness of our Society. 
    A lottery droid has been placed next to the enhancement terminal at the Mining Outpost, the fee to register is 5,000.  The prize will start at 5,000,000

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    05 July 2021 07:00 PM      11:00 PM

    general frequency transmission
    Spaceport Control calling... we've received a distress signal from one of those Ithorian zoo ships - they've lost control and the engines have kicked into overdrive! plotting trajectory, details to follow...
    general frequency transmission
    aaahh, yarp... This'er's Ground Control at Starhunter Station... sensors have detected a sizable impact about 500m west of the outpost

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