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    24 April 2024 10:00 PM

    This event begins 09/19/2018 and repeats every 4 weeks on Wednesday forever

    *Phase 4*
    CP - R.Speed - Capt Sarguillo (5313, -4161) - Aurilian Sculpture 1/4 (?)
    Enemies will attack the village every 2 hours, you must kill 50 Sith Outlaws and 25 Sith Pirates. To get credit for a kill all you must do is register a hit (at which point they will appear on radar and the overhead map as red instead of yellow, very useful for knowing who you haven't hit yet). Upon completion of the mission you unlock EITHER CP - R.Speed or ER - M.Defense , whichever you picked when starting.
    ER - M.Defense - Capt Sarguillo (5313, -4161) - None
    See CP - R.Speed above, it gives the option to unlock this branch. Note that this branch doesn't give you the reward while Ranged Speed does, this is intended and a little silly.
    HS - Healing - Silvarra (5391, -4075) - Bacta Tank [Picture
    You must heal 50 other players during the Sith attacks (there are raids once every 2 hours), you can only get credit for a heal once per person, and you must be grouped with them, however to get credit the player you heal has to be in combat with a Sith Outlaw/Pirate (See the CP mission this phase). [Heal an additional 50 for the reward]
    CM - Repair - Chief Engineer of Aurilia (5390, -4122) - Aurilian Sculpture 2/4
    Step 1: Goto Keren, Coronet, or Mos Entha to speak with a "Gadget Specialist" (You can get wp's to any of these from Alpoka). You must purchase a "Satellite Tracking Device Assembly Kit" for 530 credits.
    Step 2: Complete the kit (Requires, Tracking Device Assembly Bracket First, Second and Third Segment; Tracking Device Case First, Second and Third Section). You also need 4 Master Artisan crafted items - Control Unit, Energy Distributor, Electronics Memory Module, Micro Sensor Suite.
    Step 3: Goto any starport ticket droid and use the "Purchasing Satellite Tracking Data" radial option, this costs 1100 credits, once the droid finds the satellite you retrieve the info with the "Obtain Satellite Data" radial option.
    Step 4: Use your tracking device to locate the satellite, retrieve the computer core
    Step 5: Use the "Reconfigure Interface" radial option on the computer core. You must get the four indicators to light up. To do this you must connect four wires in the proper order, there are red, yellow and blue wires, and each can be connected to a different power source. You set it up and then test it to see if you're right. For each wire connected to the correct contact one of the indicators will light up, if the right type of wire is used but to the wrong contact the indicator will flicker. Each failed test damages the core and causes the "Circuit Integrity" to drop, which is the % chance the core is still viable. On average a core can survive 6 or 7 attempts before it's fried (unclear right now what happens if you fry the core, do you fail or do you have to retrieve it again).
    Step 6: Return the completed configured core back to "Chief Engineer" [Name keeps changing]
    WARNING: If you complete step 3 before doing step 2 you will get screwed

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