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Galactic Home Show


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Reckoning's Got Talent 


The Galactic Home Show begins May 1st and will run through May 31st! 

Break out your scissors, chain saws, measuring tape, floral arrangements and get those creative juices flowing. Show us what you've got Reckoning. 


-Players must enter before the event is over. To enter, post on the thread, in the Community Calendar, Your Name and home location (Planet & Way Point). 

-There will be ONE Winner. 

-The winner will be selected by the staff.  

-Participants can submit multiple structures but only win with one. 

-The winner will receive the badge "Winner of the galactic home show" 

-The winner will be able to select three items from the prize house and will receive one special item that is not available in the prize house (Special item will be random and at the staff's discretion.)  

-Participants will be judged on creativity and theme.  

-Structures entered in previous home shows are allowed.   

-The structure you enter must be your own, regardless of who does the decorating. Only the structures account owner can win the prizes.  

A Winner will be announced June 1st. 


We've seen some of the most amazing Cantina's, Guild Hall's and Homes scattered across the galaxy and we are very excited to see what you can do.  

*Please submit your entries by posting below*


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Sign me up 


Hairy's Garage... in Sanctuary. owned by Giyan

Dantooine -801 3931

Check out the upstairs.


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OK, Im entering the ORD City Hall, Zura is the Mayor and owner atm.  Naboo -4285 5440


BTW Im still collecting broken or bad stat Pearls if you want your pearl to be part of the Reckoning Jedi Memorial...offer your pearls to my FOOD vendor in ORD in a backpack with your name on it, because some pearls are glitched do not show the names to others.

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Keep them coming guys. These structures are amazing!

Please know that I didn't pick any particular spot in your structures for the photos. I found something that caught my eye and made a snap. Each of these structures if packed full of it's own unique goodness.

Everyone should take the time to pop in and take a look at them. I've edited your posts to include the pics, waypoint and planet if it was missing from the original post.

** You still have time to enter the Home Show. Simply post the location and waypoint for your structure in this thread. **

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*The Galactic home show entries were absolutely spectacular. *   

A decision on the winner of our Home Show was really rough. Kill commands were flying freely and several staff members may not fully recover.   

Congratulations to Daetalus.   

Simply amazing.   

Please contact me to claim your prizes. 


We can't wait to see what our next Galactic Home Show brings! 












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