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city event - hosted by Ord Sinnismar


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contact Sheila to donate to the event - the fun starts at noon, Sheila time


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Hey Reckoneers!!!!

City event is on Saturday!! If you would like to donate any goodies, prize packs, or money for the LOTTO, let Sheila know!

Also, as I will be doing some easter egg hunts, if you would like to a similar game, let Sheila know, so I can give you admin to a building in order to hide stuff!

Hope to see you all there!!

-Sheridan / Sheila

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Last night it was 11am-2pm EST.  Now it's 2 hours later.  Which is it? You all changing the time last second is killing me. 

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On 5/12/2020 at 6:05 PM, SheridanDarkstar said:

That's because *SOMEONE* forgot I said CST since, you know, I live in CST. lol

I'm sure I heard somebody mention in General that nobody lives in CST  😝

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3 hours ago, kithsyn said:

it's 3 hours, not 4 Sheridan . :)

*whispers* I heard a rumor that it was from the starting time til whenever Fenrir got bored....  😛

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