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village phase shift - phase 1

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This event begins 08/29/2018 and repeats every 4 weeks on Wednesday forever


*Phase 1*

CP - R.Accuracy - Capt Sarguillo (5313, -4161) - Aurilian Banner

10 Patrols for the unlock, each patrols consists of 8 waypoints. Avoid groups of more than 3 Sith (do not engage), kill groups of 3 or less. 10 additional patrols for the Banner. As you complete patrols the wps get farther apart (for the last patrol 2k between wps is not unusual)

ER - Survival - Whip (5283, -4226) - Aurilian Sculpture 3/4

Goto the waypoint Whip gives you, when you reach it you get directed to a Sith encampment (~250m away) where you must kill a Sith pirate and thug, then converse with the "captured villager". He will follow you (you must take him the entire way back to the base or you will fail the rescue). 5 rescues must be completed in total.

HS - Persuasion - Silvarra (5391, -4075) - +5 CM Exp Necklace, Special Plant
**Must have Master Medic**

Treat 5 villagers for the unlock, 5 additional for the necklace, 5 more for the plant. To treat a patient you just talk to a droid (and when you complete a patient the droid resets so you never need to talk to more then one droid). Each patient has about 7 things wrong with them, treat the last mentioned one first and work your way up. A medicine can cure up to 2 different things and can cause a 3rd new problem. You can experiment the primary cure, secondary cure or residual (exp-ing on the residual removes the added problem). The following is a chart as to which % experimentation maps to which cured disease:

fever = 0-8% experimentation
vomiting = 8-16% experimentation
open sores == 17-25% experimentation
puss filled lesions = 25-33% experimentation
erratic heart rate = 33-41% experimentation
respiratory failure = 42-50% experimentation
lost vision = 50-58% experimentation
partial paralysis = 58-66% experimentation
violent spasms = 67-75% experimentation
bloody cough = 75-83% experimentation
swelling = 83-91% experimentation
internal bleeding = 92-100% experimentation

It is best to bring high end resources (5 flora and 10 metal per med) for most medicines, and some extremely low end resources (it's OQ 66% PE 33%) for fever/vomiting, otherwise your assembly % will start too high to get them. If you have a friendly doc who is currently doing the quest then they can create schematics for the medicine and run them in a factory, beware however, as they do not stack in crates. And they must be currently working on the quest, when you finish you lose the base schem and can't create any new meds. With just Novice Doc I was able to experiment up to partial paralysis with high end resources, but to get the top 4 you need some or all of the doc crafting chain.

Current information on the plant: It grows through the stages of Small Aurilian Plant, Medium Aurilian Plant and Aurilian Plant, after it reaches the largest stage it'll produce a fruit that is a 1k H/A/M heal (food filling 10). Each plant is unique so you must find the best settings for your plant yourself. Here is a good guide that explains how it works.

CM - Assembly - Quharek (5373, -4181) - Aurilian Sculptutre 4/4
[For exact step by step instructions with pictures check out this]

Goto the sensor array (5417, -4119), access the terminal and retrieve all 4 components ("retrieve" radial option). Head to the "Chief Engineer's hut" (5377, -4116), use the "Recursive Analyzer" to turn the broken components into schematics (be sure to have 4 spaces in your datapad). No experimentation occurs and quality doesn't matter, you can use a generic or W/D/G tool, and the schematics only have a single use (and making schematics out of them won't help since you can only do the next step on items you've crafted), crit fails do nothing (you keep the schem and the resources). You must Calibrate each item after crafting. If you screw up the puzzle the components integrity will go down, if it hits 0% you must 'unbreak' it into a schematic and recraft it. Once all 4 have been Calibrated, put them back in the Sensor Array. All of the puzzles require some guessing as changes aren't updated in real-time.

Solid State Array: 100 Extrusive Ore, 10 Nabooian Water, 20 Polymer, 10 Copper Line up the horizontal holes with the vertical line
Signal Amplifier: 70 Copper, 20 Carb Ore, 25 Tal Fiberplast, 20 Aluminum Match the two graphs
Gyroscopic Receiver: 50 Yavinian Wind, 20 Lub Oil, 45 Steel, 20 Copper Match the two patterns
Configuration Processor: 50 Rori Fiberplast, 30 Copper, 40 Aluminum, 15 Copper Match the patterns (pressing one button will affect the other two)

Edited by Rincewind
WDG tool not useable


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