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    Imperial frequency transmission Recon Scout Patrol 3 reporting in -- we're seeing a large number of mobs gathering in the area near the Rogue CorSec base - advise caution in that area
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    *Smuggler Frequency transmission* Greetings! This is Protocol Droid G-5PO calling from Jabba's Palace with an urgent message. The illustrious Boba Fett, friend to the mighty Jabba the Hutt, has reported that he has received information from his contacts about some unusual Black Sun activity in the vicinity of the Death Watch Bunker. The glorious Jabba wishes this activity be investigated, and that any unusual items found should be brought to him.
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    *General Frequency transmission* Alert! Alert! This is a message from SWEWS - scanners are reading hostiles approaching! Activating Workshop Defence Protocols! "this is Helper Elf, reporting live for the Santa News Network -- it looks like the Singing Mountain Clan is attempting to raid Santa's Workshop - maybe they want to start the shopping season early?"
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    rebel frequency transmission Alert! Alert! General Woy broadcasting from Mos Entha division HQ - the city has been surrounded by Tusken warriors! we need reinforcements immediatly! All civilians are advised to seek shelter or clear the area at once
  8. Patch 7.3.1 Server [Fixed] emu-cve-2020-01 dupe exploit.
  9. The server will come down at 6AM tomorrow for a quick restart to address an important issue. Patch notes will be posted. Downtime will be no longer than a normal restart.
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    General Frequency transmission Recon Scout Patrol Delta, reporting in to Mos Entha HQ... batten down the hatches! scanners are showing a large number of mobs headed your way from the south. Visual observation confirms it's a horde of Jawas! call for reinforcements - if they reach the city, nothing is safe!
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    and the winner is.... Didger! 🎸
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    BH Guild open frequency transmission Greetings to all members and friends of the Guild. We have received an urgent message from our Spynet operatives in Kaadara - it seems that a number of our upcoming targets have taken it upon themselves to try and prevent the contracts on them. Kaadara has been 'invaded' by a number of these unsavory types and the Guild requests that you deal with this insolence... promptly.
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    Imperial Frequency transmission Scout Recon Patrol 8 reporting in to Coronet Division HQ -- we're seeing a large number of Meatlumps gathering on the outskirts of the city... again... Advise caution in that area.
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    It is no secret that Borvo has been plotting against Jabba for decades. Jabba has received word that Borvo has called his men to Moenia to plan an attack against Jabba. Jabba the Hutt will be most pleased to have this threat eliminated. Jabba the Hutt may grant favor to those aiding in the deaths of Borvo's scum and Borvo himself, if he isn't in hiding.
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    The Galactic Pet Adoption Agency is holding an open pet adoption in Coronet. The agency is busting at the seams and they need to make room. These adorable creatures will be available in front of the Coronet Starport. Creature Handlers, this is a great opportunity for you to fill your stables.
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    who wants to be a millionaire? An event lottery droid has been placed next to the Enhancement Terminal in front of the Coronet starport! Naturally, Fenrir messed up the droid setup.... so the registration cost for the lotto is 1,000,000 but the winner takes all. Draw will be on Tuesday. Donations for the lotto prize must be bank-tipped to Fenrir
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    congrats to Kooma, winner of the Foundry Canada Day lottery! and a huge thanks to everyone that supported pushing the prize so high! just over 3 mil was added from registrations, and the rest was donated! you guys are teh awesome!
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    with half an hour to go, the prize is over 40 million with 122 registered. hope you're in :)
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    just checked again, the prize is over 30 million now!!
  21. Reckoning Independence Day Celebration Reckoning will be holding its annual Independence Day celebration this coming weekend. This years festivities will run from Friday, July 3rd @ 6AM ET until Tuesday, July 7th @ 4AM ET. Event Details: Experience will be doubled for the duration of the event. You will receive an event painting. (Claimed once per account, on first character to login.) You will also receive an event badge upon login. Reckoning Credits will begin dropping from all mobs within the world. We will be holding in game events during the weekend. Be sure to check the community calendar for events and times. https://swgreckoning.com/calendar/
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    prize is now over 15 million! draw is on Wednesday
  23. Aso


    As most of you already know, Reckoning depends on donations to stay afloat. Even a small donation is greatly appreciated to help offset expensive hosting costs. Any shortfalls are covered directly by myself, or other staff members. I wanted to re-post this to stress that we depend on your support. As of writing this, my hours are still severely cut at work due to Covid-19. My take home pay at this point has been cut by half. As a result of that, I cannot cover shortfalls until this changes. All donations go directly to paying the expenses broken down below. Reckoning Expenses OVH Dedicated Server: $186.00 a month / $2232.00 a year Domain Name: $6.00 a month / $72.00 a year Invision Community Forum Software: $10.00 a month / $120.00 a year Total Costs: $202.00 a month / $2424.00 a year
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    general frequency transmission holy smokes! Shuttle Pilot Jones calling, there's a horde of cavemen heading towards the Dantooine Mining Outpost from the north. looks like the folks there might need some help
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    wow nice
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    25,000 cash to register for your chance to win 4000000 8000000 10000000 ! visit the lottery droid, between the shuttle and bank terminal in Foundry on Corellia
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    Imperial frequency transmission Commander D'krn reporting in - we've had a report that Tusken raiders are gathering to the west of Bestine near the Dune Sea. All citizens are advised to seek shelter immediately!
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    FedDub Police frequency transmission Alert! Alert! Investigator Re'na Nipe calling from Dearic detachment. We've received word that a large force of Black Sun raiders has invaded the village of Durbin, intentions unknown but presumed to be hostile! All troops to readiness status, reinforcements are requested urgently!
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