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Should Player Cities Be Able To Be Built On Adventure Planets?


Should Player Cities Be Able To Be Built On Adventure Planets?  

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  1. 1. Should Player Cities Be Able To Be Built On Adventure Planets?

    • Yes
    • No

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Not at the moment. Need a few more people. Besides, who says Lok isnt adventurous? Seriously though, if you have ever tried to put harvesters down on the 3 nonbuilds, i dont see how you could fit enough structures within the radius to grow the city. Too many hills.

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If you want more people logging in, vote yes, a lot of people I play with would log if things were not like:

login>buff(10 min), travel(5-10mins), ride to location X(10-20mins) rinse repeat if something freakish happens and you die.


This is one the things WOW did so much better upon implementation with flight paths you could go afk on and summoning.


I seriously doubt there would be more than a few locations on each planet anyways, so I do not understand the harvester argument for the few times a premium resource spawns only on a adventure planet.


There is a reason the largest cities on Tat are always next to the graveyard, logic dictates it would be the same elsewhere.

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Yah, no. We can't fill the cities on the server now.


This is a huge prep game, anything that minimizes that time sink will facilitate more people playing. Also consider this game lacks real endgame content, and that there is does come with risk, freak things can happen at DWB and places like Dath. Having to clone and leave planet to rebuff, then travel all the way back kills it for a lot of folk. People talk about these static op's, that is a band aid, people buff up in player cities for a reason. There is no perfect solution in all of this, but don't think keeping things the same has worked, I think given the option of being part of a city closer to end game content more people would stop trying to make their own cities and concentrate in the larger ones, this is one of the reasons Krayt's End is what it is. GEO cave, DWB and NIghtsister POI, all would be great options to have a city close by. Someone mentioned harvesters earlier, there is simply no way that will be an issue unless we grow A LOT, and gaining another way to easily navigate adventure planets is a win for me as crafter. If the community does not want to try and embrace new things I doubt much will change, I think when the new star wars movie drops we might get a chance again to bump things up, just my 2 cents

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