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May The Fourth Be With You!

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Reckoning May The Fourth Celebration

Greetings Reckoning! It's that time of year again. May The Fourth is upon us! In celebration, we will be holding a weekend long event that starts on May 4th 2018 @ 6AM Eastern and will run until the 4AM restart on May 7th 2018.

Event Details:

  • Experience will be doubled for the duration of the event.
  • You will receive two limited edition paintings that can only be obtained during this event. (Claimed once per account, on first character to login.)
  • You will receive a limited edition badge upon login that can only be obtained during this event.

In Game Events:


May The Fourth Event --  Hosted by Elvira -- May 4th @ 12:00 PM ET

This year's event will kick off on Taanab at the Arcon Multinode Hybrid Plantings POI. Transport to the event location and resurrections will be available. There is a Cantina at the event location for your use. Entertainers and Doctors will be needed.

Sticking with a Taanab theme, Black Sun will be prevalent. *We are certain that our plans have gotten out so be on the lookout for force wielders and inform the local authorities should you see anything suspicious. *

A special event Boss will be spawning near the end of the event and promises to be particularly nasty. Bring your friends, allies and frenemies. Special event rewards will be given to all who attend and participate. (only one character per player will be allowed. No dual boxing or use of multiple accounts by a single person) Standard rules of engagement with regard to Overt/Special Forces characters apply. So, choose your combat class and/or factional status accordingly.



City Highlight Event -- Hosted By Staff -- May 5th @ 3:00 PM ET

This month's highlight city is TORTON GROVE.

There will be several mob types running, city decorations and lottery droid. The city cantina will be open for you to easily obtain mind and doctor buffs. Please use the city entertainer group. If another group is needed to accommodate the number of participants, one will be provided. Please remember to tip the city entertainers and doctors as they are so graciously setting up to help.

Please keep in mind:

  • If you pop into TORTON GROVE prior to the system announcement and start killing mobs, you will be teleported to the center of town and frozen for the duration of the event. You will not be able to talk your way out of it.
  • You may bring only one (1) character per person. No dual boxing. If you are caught dual boxing, your characters will be teleported to the center of town and frozen for the duration of the event and any loot you have obtained will be deleted.
  • Normal rules of engagement apply with regard to overt/special forces players. Please choose your character accordingly.

The above is to ensure that the event is fair to all participants.

We look forward to seeing all of you there!

Be sure to check back for additional in game events, or check our community calendar at: https://swgreckoning.com/calendar/

May The Fourth Be With You, Always!

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Before the May The Fourth event begins, restart your clients! This means close ALL running SWG game clients and the Reckoning Launcher. When you start the Reckoning Launcher after closing, it will download the newest game files. Failure to do so will result in you not being able to see event items or badges.

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A BIG thanks to everyone that took part in today May the Fourth Celebration. It was a lot of fun! A huge thanks to Shadowfox' for agreeing to be the main attraction at our little shindig. 😈(And letting all of you kill him.) Muahahaha.

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The City Highlight Event was an amazing success!  The citizens of Torton Grove know how to party. You not only brought it, you served it!

Thank you everyone that turned out to play and thank you so much Torton Grove for allowing us to take over your city for a few hours.

Such a HUGE blast!

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