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Multiple account requests are closed until after January 2019

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Due to player abuse of the system, all past multiple account requests are being reviewed. Until that review is done, all new multiple account requests are being denied until after January. If you have a multiple account situation, and you have not submitted a multiple account request, all secondary accounts tied to your main account are going to be banned. There will be no repeal. We gave ample warning to everyone, sent out emails, updated in discord, and even did a ban wave notice and bans. We take account sharing and fraudulent multiple accounts seriously.

We already allow 2 characters online, and 8 characters per account on the server. Abuse of multiple accounts is just silly.


It is important everyone understands, you have to POSSESS a legal, physical, copy of the game, PER ACCOUNT, to play on any AGPL compliant server. It is a LEGAL requirement for us to have you possess them. If you are not doing so, you are risking a ban here or on any AGPL compliant server or SWGEmu Powered, related service, as SWGEmu requires AGPL compliant servers to fall under that umbrella. We gladly do , as we are an SWGEmu AGPL compliant server. 

After January, ALL multiple account requests will require  proof of your CDs, per account, and a player, per account. This may include proof of your residence, and IDs. 

We apologize if this is inconvenient to you or your household.

If you have any direct questions regarding this or any other account issue, you may contact EQSanctum directly through this forum, in Teamspeak, on Discord or in game.


Happy Holidays everyone.

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