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Patch Notes, 2/11/2019, Patch 7.1

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Patch 7.1

Profession: Medic

  • [Fixed] Diagnose command to work on NPC and Creature objects.

Profession: Squad Leader

  • [Fixed] Squad leaders will now receive passive group buffs.


  • [Fixed] Burst run costs are now modified by secondary stats.

Force Ranking System

  • [Fixed] Timer message for light side demote function when used by the council leader.
  • [Added] Arena duel checks to other healing commands that were missing these checks.
  • [Fixed] Players with an active no confidence vote incorrectly getting demoted if their rank had changed prior to the end of the vote.


  • [Fixed] Ormachek XP bonus multiplier.
  • [Fixed] Rancor bile attributes.


  • [Fixed] Armour condition decay rate currently incorrect.
  • [Fixed] Rebel marine armor chest plate corvette loot attributes.


  • [Changed] Viewing creature level will now require 45 creature knowledge skill, down from 50 (current value).
  • [Fixed] Incorrect Teras Kasi trainer location on Talus.
  • [Removed] Rooftop NPC in Mos Entha.
  • [Fixed] Trained veermok aggro in Lok Sulfur Pirate cave.
  • [Fixed] Missing chef trainer in Bestine.

Player Cities/Player Structures

  • [Added] Player Structure Pack-Up. This will allow you to move your structure with all items intact. A guide can be found at:
  • [Fixed] Residency change cooldown no longer affects placing a city hall.


  • [Added] Vendor search functionality. You can filter by item name and min/max price.


  • [Fixed] Player pet droid ambient sounds. (Not retroactive for previously crafted droid pets.)
  • [Fixed] Crafted droid mobile typos.
  • [Fixed] Droid deeds losing their modules.

Dungeons/Theme Parks/Quests/Missions

  • [Fixed] Issue preventing hero of tatooine boar from respawning after killed.
  • [Rewrote] Geonosian caves screenplay.
  • [Refactored] CoA screenplays to prep for CoA3.
  • [Fixed] DWB voice terminal bug.
  • [Fixed] DWB bomb droid detonation bug.


  • [Fixed] Error trying to select non-one time vet rewards.
  • [Fixed] Missing system message when player loots empty corpse.  


  • Improved server stability.
  • [Fixed] Some memory leaks.
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