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2018 Combined Patch Notes


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Hotfix 6.0.3



  • [Fixed] An issue where experience was being removed when it shouldn't.



  • [Added] PlayerStatsCommand. This command can be used only on yourself.
  • [Changed] ShowPvPStats display format.
  • [Fixed] Fixed more stability issues.
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Hotfix 6.0.4



Force Rank System

  • [Fixed] Bounty reward will now properly recalculate when a rank is lost or gained.



  • [Fixed] Various other GTEF related issues.



  • [Fixed] An issue where vendors could be initialized in a private structure.
  • [Fixed] Mayor spam emails.
  • [Fixed] Fixed stability issues.

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Patch 7.0

Profession: Architect

  • [Added] Generic Player Salon deed.

Profession: Armorsmith

  • [Added] Shock Trooper Armor schematics.
  • [Added] Galactic Marine Armor schematics.
  • [Added] Crusader Mark III Armor schematics.
  • [Added] Crusader Mark II Armor schematics.
  • [Added] New Republic Assault Armor schematics.
  • [Added] New Republic Battle Armor schematics.
  • [Added] New Republic Cold Weather Armor schematics.
  • [Added] New Republic SpecForce Armor schematics.
  • [Added] Scout Trooper Armor schematics.
  • [Added] Snow Trooper Armor schematics.

Profession: Image Designer

  • [Added] Place Salon command.

Profession: Politician

  • [Added] Install Bazaar command.

Profession: Bounty Hunter

  • [Changed] Fast Blast multiplier to better reflect live value.
  • [Fixed] Fast Blast not properly dividing max damage over 3 HAM pools.

Profession: Jedi

  • [Fixed] Force Speed calculation.
  • [Added] Force defense skill mod damage reduction to force attacks.
  • [Fixed] Force attacks should no longer use lightsaber secondary defense modifiers for hit/miss rolls, and instead use ability accuracy vs force defense.
  • [Fixed] Totalhealself/other to do a more powerful dot heal.
  • [Fixed] Force Intimidate 2 area of effect range.
  • [Fixed] Force absorb force gain calculation.
  • [Fixed] Various force power state defense typo's.
  • [Fixed] Jedi Resistance States rolls.
  • [Fixed] KD/kneeling damage on initial hit of force choke.
  • [Added] Combat spam to force choke ticks.
  • [Changed] Adjusted force choke damage calculation.


  • [Fixed] Grenades not bypassing saberblock.
  • [Fixed] Heavy and Heavy Consumable weapons ignoring saberblock.
  • [Fixed] Check player access to building when attacking creatures inside.
  • [Fixed] Posture changes while dizzy.


  • [Added] Player Bounty System.
  • [Added] Rebel AT-XT. Obtainable through a Rebel Recruiter.
  • [Added] Cantina Crackdowns for Corellia, Naboo, And Tatooine.
  • [Removed] GTEF System. This may make a return in the future as a better implementation.
  • [Changed] GCW base terminals now spawn at random locations when the vulnerability window begins and despawn at the end of the window.
  • [Adjusted] HQ terminal positioning.
  • [Fixed] GCW base layouts.
  • [Fixed] GCW bases becoming bugged if the security terminal slice fails.
  • [Fixed] Pvp rating throttle message getting sent when victim pvp rating didn't change.

Force Ranking System

  • [Added] Dark side challenge system.
  • [Added] FRS Light side no confidence voting system.
  • [Changed] FRS Experience gain/loss calculation is no longer effected by PvP Rating or damage contribution.


  • [Changed] Village phase timer to 1 week. Down from 2 weeks.
  • [Fixed] FS XP windows failing to close when going out of range.
  • [Fixed] Being able to accept multiple phase 4 sarguillo quests.
  • [Added] Option to Dageerin convos to replace an existing Radiation.
  • [Fixed] Various dageerin issues.

Padawan Trials

  • [Fixed] Bug in spice mom padawan trial convo.

Knight Trials

  • [Fixed] Knight council choice not resetting when restarting knight.


  • [Added] New armor sets from later eras of the game. (Shock Trooper, Galactic Marine, Crusader Mark III, Crusader Mark II, New Republic Assault, New Republic Battle, New Republic Cold Weather, New Republic SpecForce, Scout Trooper, and Snow Trooper.)
  • [Changed] Backpacks can now be worn with Jedi robes. (You must unequip and re-equip your robe first.)
  • [Changed] AA/CA titles will now show their modifiers in their names and description.
  • [Fixed] Minimum nutrition on several chef items.
  • [Removed] Action cost from melee pup primary stats.
  • [Fixed] Ingredient error in Light Blaster (red) draft schematic.
  • [Fixed] Aurilian plant showing dead when its still alive.
  • [Fixed] Not being able to loot no trade items from corpses inside buildings.


  • [Fixed] Factory blueprints consuming all identical single components in hopper at once.


  • [Fixed] Axkva min guard spawns.
  • [Fixed] Tatooine region spawn coordinates errors.
  • [Fixed] Grovo spawn at nightsister stronghold.
  • [Fixed] Lowland Brackaset milkType and diet.
  • [Added] Creature Hues for Corellia, Dantooine, Dathomir, Endor, Lok, Naboo, Rori, Talus, Tatooine, and Yavin4 creatures.

Player Cities/Player Structures

  • [Added] Bazaar Terminals can now be placed in player cities. This can be done at city rank 3, 4 Bazaar Terminals max.
  • [Added] Salons can now be placed in player cities by Master Image Designers. Deeds are craftable by Architects.
  • [Added] Signs to all player NGE housing.
  • [Changed] Milita members can now place a structure without having zoning rights granted.
  • [Changed] Increased player hospitals medical rating from 100 to 120.
  • [Changed] Structures will now show how many items are used out of a buildings max number of items.
  • [Fixed] Player city skill trainers being able to be placed while incapacitated or dead.
  • [Fixed] Player city skill trainers able to be placed in water.
  • [Added] Ejection points for Corellia, Naboo, & Tatooine theaters.
  • [Fixed] City decorations sometimes not being placeable again after being picked up.


  • [Fixed] Droid effect modules delay between 3-60 seconds.
  • [Fixed] Pets not storing when entering enclaves.
  • [Fixed] Player's ability to make a pet attack while player is swimming.

Dungeons/Theme Parks/Quests/Missions

  • [Added] Bounty mission payout cooldown timer.
  • [Added] Buffer before a recently killed player bounty can appear back on terminals.
  • [Added] Multiple changes and additions to the Bestine Election framework.
  • [Fixed] Mark of Courage will no longer generate with serial number


  • [Added] Imperial and Rebel chat channels.
  • [Added] Player created public channels are now logged.


  • [Added] Players will need to accept Reckoning's TOS in game whenever it is changed.
  • [Changed] Deleted characters names can be reused within 10 minutes of deletion.
  • [Fixed] /stoplisten not functioning without a parameter.
  • [Changed] Increased no build zone around Jedi Enclaves.
  • [Fixed] Sit on chairs command.
  • [Changed] Increased max range of structure payMaintenance command.


  • Improved server stability.
  • [Fixed] Some out of bounds errors.
  • [Fixed] Loading pause in heavily populated areas.
  • [Changed] Various code cleanup.
  • [Fixed] Screenplay memory storage cleanup.
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Hotfix 7.0.1

Force Ranking System

  • [Changed] FRS experience gain will no longer be affected by the 3 day kill list restriction for PvP Rating. You'll be able to get FRS experience in subsequent kills immediately.
  • [Fixed] When a player leaves the FRS, they will no longer be set to overt upon login.


  • [Fixed] Players can now declare residence in player salons.
  • [Changed] Staff members can join factional chat channels regardless of their faction.
  • [Changed] Staff members can grant zoning rights for debug purposes.


  • [Added] Backend support for website leader board player statistics.
  • [Fixed] Some memory leaks.
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