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Jedi Unlock Misinformation


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I've been hit with this question quite a bit. "How do I unlock Jedi EQ?"

There has been a lot of misinformation regarding unlocking on the server. Even from Staff. So let me give you the official statement regarding our unlock system:


Jedi System
Jedi Unlock:

On Reckoning, we have implemented a unique Jedi System. On character creation, every character is assigned a random set of variables that determine what they have to achieve before heading down the Jedi path. Some will be more attuned to the Force, while others will have to work a little harder. Jedi is hard to achieve (as it should be), so it will take some time before you begin down your path!

This is taken directly from our "about us" page located here: 


The unlock system on the server has changed several times over the years and may continue to change without notice. The only people who can visibly read the unlock script are myself, and @Aso.


So let me state it officially now:


No where has it been stated that any badge is required to unlock. I have never stated that. Aso has never stated that. We will not answer that question, directly or indirectly. We simply will not tell you how to unlock.


With that in mind, please stop spreading the misinformation, and self validating, that we require badges, are like "live", or retail, or Basilisk. Our unlock system is unique to Reckoning, and to Reckoning only. I normally would not post this as an announcement/dev update but the misinformation has gotten entirely out of hand.

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