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Yes, we are alive and developing. Partial roadmap inside.


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While we have no current date set, we are working on the change over to the current stable/unstable pulls from the EMU repo. Because of this, we are taking our time on what is pulled and implemented. Reckoning has been a community first in many respects for quite a few features and have shared these features openly with the rest of the development community in the spirit of open source development. To that end, we have quite a bit of custom implementations for source and scripted items in the game. To facilitate changes coming from recent code updates, we will need to address almost all of it one item at a time, slowly. This will prevent major bug issues, server stability issues, and loss of database information. 

We value  your play time and time investment here. We think of all of our players as part of our family and do not want in any way to change, lose, or destroy your characters or progress. So it is extremely important we take our time in doing this change over. We are now officially the oldest running server without a database wipe of characters or items. We want to continue to be that server going forward so bear with us as the time keeps ticking by. Reckoning has never rushed into a production release of anything in the past, so we're not going to start now.

The roadmap is simple at this point.

Implement the latest pull from EMU, preserve the existing databases, and make sure our features exist in it. There is no current ETA. It will be released for testing when it is done.

Once the priority of the pull is done, we will then reset our bug tracking, verify if old bugs exist or don't and update our support and suggestions lists to the new implemented code. From there we can begin tracking again and fix what needs to be fixed, or implement new items. 

No staff member can speed this process up. They don't have a release date. They can't give you any special inside information. 


Until then, please enjoy our server. Enjoy your time here, your time we value and protect with great care. Enjoy life and don't burn yourself. It's a game, and we appreciate your patronage.



SWGReckoning Staff and Development Teams

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