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Patch 10.0 Testing Incoming.


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I know It's been a little silent around here as of late. Unfortunately everyone's been hit by the real life bug where it comes to working on our hobbies. Development has begun to move forward again that I have a little more time, as well as other staff schedules begin to free up.

Right now, we're working on the monumental task of merging in the current SWGEmu unstable code into ours. Now that they have added custom features with their Finalizer server, a lot of it conflicts with our custom code. Once we get all that sorted, I hope to have the test server back up within the next week or two to test all of the changes. Test server patch notes will be coming soon.

That's the half of it. The other half of it is the great strides in JTL, which I might create another test server for to help contribute to their effort.

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