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Poll for how many characters


To increase the economy on this server  

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  1. 1. To increase the economy on this server

    • 4 toons
    • 5 toons
    • 6 toons
    • Keep as is, 8 toons

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I vote 2, SWGEmu servers suffer from the same issue and no one wants to make it right. The Economy in these is based on Competition, if everyone can make their own gear by spending a bit of time then there is no competition. Also, there will be 500 BH's running around and jedi as well as this or that build. People argue that they want to be able to play multiple professions, the one perk about SWG was that with one character you could do that. With 8 slots you don't have to worry, if you aren't a FOTM you can be! Just make a new toon grind it up, switch to it when you fail at the other toon because you lack skill to play it!! Everyone ends up being the same, every server end up the same. The argument for 8 slots, any argument for 8 slots is pointless, it should be no more than 4 slots at most and really should only be two to keep more in line with that game. Even more in line with the game you should only get 1 slot, since this is a preCU server, SWG was awesome and original because it made evaluate your options and then based on your personality and play type you built a character that was an extension of your own personality. Then if you worked hard and unlocked jedi, you got the chance to have 2 slots on your account. In truth the Dev team should allow 2 accounts 1 slot per period, that's about as close the original SWG as you can get.

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As more people get on...more necro posts happen. Deal...


You people wanting 1 or 2 slots, clearly have no altitis. I don't have multiple characters because I want to be self-sufficient...I have multiple characters because I want to try all that I can try and want to try. I got started Post-CU and eventually had 3 accounts so that I could have multiple characters on the same server...the server the rest of my guild played on. I didn't want to have to play on another server just to try something out. I wanted to play with friends. Still, due to the limits on the live servers, I had to try stuff on other servers away from my friends. I never got to try everything I wanted to try because I got started late in the CU...and the NGE hit before I could try everything I wanted.


Fast forward to here. You have a nice helpful community from what I've seen. Some people here are happy with 1, 2, or 3 characters, and that's fine...you can play that way. I'm not happy with that kind of limit....I want to dabble in a bit of everything. Again, I don't want to have to go to another server to do it. I've started to become comfortable here. Working my way into the community. Why would I want to disrupt that just so I can satisfy my desire to try a bit of everything? This game has an amazing class system...that gives an awesome level of mix-and-match. Limiting to a small number of slots will do one thing to those of us who like to have a lot of characters....find other servers. Do you really want to drive people away from your server? With no ability to get more accounts (like I could in live) my only recourse is to look elsewhere.


What I play depends on my mood (though right now I really want my CH back). When I played on live, I had a couple of primary combat characters I played a lot after getting them to where I wanted them....my entertainer...and several alts in progress. I never got the point of finishing a bunch of different profession combinations to see all that this game had. I never got to finish my jedi before they flipped the switch to make it a starting profession (was in the the middle of my village progression when it hit). I never got that chance because the devs decided to screw over a large chunk of their playerbase. I thought it was next to impossible that the SWGEmu project would succeed...but they did. Now I have a new chance to see all this game has to offer. Please don't limit it more than you already do. 1 account, 8 slots is a bit more restricting than I like it, but I'm willing to work with it. Adjust the settings of the server to promote the economy without limiting how many alts you can have even more, please. (glad to see how this poll ended up, this statement is for any future polls)


This was the first game I ever bought multiple accounts for. It was the first game I saw the potential to play for the long term with lots of characters...that was...until the devs did what they did. I'd like to find a nice home on one of the many swgemu servers that have popped up...and I chose your's first. I'm not afraid to roll my own server and customize it the way that I want...I'm more than capable of doing that...but I'd rather play with others.


-someone who has been here less than a week.


edit: and please understand...just trying to give you my perspective. I like how to server is now....and I'm getting the same feeling I had before....the excitement that I could play this a long time. I haven't touched another game since I started playing on SWG again. I want this to be my server.

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I haven't been here in a long while, but I am one of the people who essentially started this poll with ibispe, and some others, and then ended up leaving. I do check in the forums from time to time.


I'd like to take a minute to address your post thundergod97, so you can see things from the other side so to speak, as you are asking people to do. I completely understand wanting to be able to

do everything and everything. I've personally had multiple accounts on a few different games. I think the biggest issue, is numbers. While some games are meant to be played how you like (read single player),

in my opinion mmo's and especially sandboxes are meant to be played with others.


This game was DESIGNED around playing with others. You got to try everything you wanted on a single character, just not all at once. I think they did an excellent job of that, and people relied on others as it should

be in a multiplayer game. You aren't playing alone. You don't need to do everything at once. dabble in this, dabble in that, find something you enjoy, and go with it. Bored? drop some skills, learn some other ones, and



SWG has a system that allows you to try just about every single combination there is, so there isn't a real need for so many characters. It allows you to learn and unlearn skills at a minimal cost. I think multiple characters detracts from the game play by forcing a social game to become anti-social. Who needs to make friends when you have a doc, an entertainer, and a jedi, that can all be logged in at the same time, or switched out to buff yourself (if the limit is still 2 here? I don't know).


I think multiple characters and accounts ruins many otherwise good games out there, as people 'experiment' with different things, and discover they can do it themselves, and be greedy, and get more loot, and not have to worry about other people. I think it helps to ruin the economy, (less people selling you things because you're getting them, and they are, and their friends are), and creates a hostile environment because of an unfair advantage.


If the game was designed differently, I think your viewpoint becomes more valid. Personally, I would love to see a game that was restricted to 1 character, maybe 2... but only 1 account. I don't think it can happen with today's technology, but perhaps in the future it will be possible with continuous retinal scans, or fingerprints on the mouse or facial recognition or something.

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I am one of those people that started multiple toons for self sufficiency. When the server was new, I created a Doctor and an entertainer because there were few of them around. I started a BE and a tailor when I needed enhanced clothing. Even 6 months ago, I used all these toons extensively. Since I have come back though, I get my buffs from others and 99% of the time, Cuini buffs my mind. I pop on the doc/ent for training and the occasional buff. Now that buffs are easy to find on the server, these professions will see a decline in use with new people.


Crafting is different. I hear complaints that if everyone has a crafter, there will be no market. I do not believe this is true, I doubt someone is going to put the time and effort into making an architect so they can build a couple of houses and harvies for themselves. They are doing it to make profit, which means more diversity in the market. I think having less crafters is more detrimental to the server. When there are products from only one or two people, they can increase the price to make a big profit and newer players will be unable to afford some things because of the huge markup.


Bounty Hunters...yes, everyone is going to have one. But then again, soon enough, most are going to have a jedi too. We will just have to learn to live with this.


I think the important thing here is that we can only have two toons logged in at a time. At least for me, running two combat toons is difficult to say the least. So I think as long as we keep the limit of 2 online (and usually only one combat online), the amount of total characters has less of an impact on the server.

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