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Staff Positions - Currently Closed (You May Still Apply)


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Welcome to SWG Reckoning! We are happy that you have decided to re-live the greatest saga ever told with us. If you're venturing into this part of the forum you're either just checking it out or maybe you're interested in joining the SWG Reckoning Staff! The SWG Reckoning Staff is an all volunteer group that is headed by the server's founder and primary developer Aso.


If you're interested in joining the SWG Reckoning Staff please use the application template below and send your application to Aso in the form of a private message. Please include the relevant information requested and understand that response times may vary depending on several factors, including that thing called "real life". All jobs and duties will be posted for reference and the positions will include their status either: [OPEN] which means we are currently accepting applications or [CLOSED] which, naturally means we aren't actively accepting applications.


If a position is closed and you are interested please do not hesitate to send in an application and we might pursue it further if we believe you are the right fit!

Account name:
Character(s) on SWG Reckoning:
Location and Timezone:

Brief SWG History: Where you played, what professions you played, what interested you about SWG, why you continue to play a decade old game, etc.

Position applying for:
Experience related to position:
Why do you want to be a member of the SWG Reckoning Staff?:
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