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Automatic Resource upload to SWGCraft


Should we automatically submit resources to SWGCraft?  

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  1. 1. Should we automatically submit resources to SWGCraft?

    • Yes, I'd like automatic resource submission.
    • No, I dont want automatic resource submission.

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Instead of doing the crafter work, just throw on your armor and kill krayts until you get an email. Then run out and drop 80 harvs.


run out where? as I understand it, we'll only know that the resource is available - we'll still have to find places to put harvesters if we want it.

think of it like a more efficient grapevine (and more accurate) - the only part that's being made easier is know what's in and out of spawn, which I consider to be a big help to crafters - especially the newer folks getting into the crafter game. they won't have big stockpiles of older resources, but it will be a leg up on grabbing some of the newer ones that will craft decent quality items. I think this helps to level the playing field in terms of competitiveness between crafters. it will also mark items out of spawn in a timely manner, rather than leaving them to show as "available" long past what they should.


I'm most definitely in favor of this improvement - the sooner, the better

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By my own choice I spend an hour or two every morning tracking resources while most others are out killing Night Sisters or grinding Jedi or whatever else. t.


I voted yes to post the data, because after working 8-10 hours a day and getting home and cooking dinner, if I spent an hour or two just looking to find what resources are now available I would be up to midnight or after if I did any actual crafting at all, then get 4 or 5 hours sleep before I have to start all over again. I love the game and play as much as I can within my free time, but some aspects do make it frustrating when free time is very limited.


On Live I once had someone tell me I just shouldn't play the game at all since I couldn't spend 8-10 hours a day grinding credits and working to acquire the best gear, but I refuse to give up on the best game I ever played. If having the resources posted to SWGCraft or GH will save me 30 minutes to an hour searching for which resources are in spawn (I do still enjoy actually exploring and finding the good spawn spots) then that is time I can spend trying out new professions I never tried before like CH which I just mastered this weekend :) I love to craft more than anything, and whatever can give me more time to do it I am in favor of.

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I know this has been a highly requested feature and will be coming with Publish 9. Galaxy Harvester will be updated twice a day.


SWGCraft will follow once I ask them to pull the data from Galaxy Harvester automatically.

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