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Star Wars Galaxies: Reckoning offers tons of ways to connect with us! You can follow us on social media, you can chat with us on TeamSpeak or vote for the server to be ever more growing.


Reckoning TeamSpeak

You can download TS3 from http://teamspeak.com


Address: ts3.swgreckoning.com

Note: If you and your guild would like a channel on the TeamSpeak please notify Aso!


Social Media

We are on Facbook, Twitter, Google+, and Reddit.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SWG-Reckoning/695326187255539

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SWGReckoning

Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/113210674477688218625

Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/SWGReckoning


Voting for Reckoning

Help us grow, remember to vote for us every 12 hours!







NGE items and features reference.


Note: CU/NGE items are currently obtainable through events and high level mob drops. In the future, we are looking to make them craftable.


CU/NGE Houses

  • ATAT House
  • Bespin House
  • Commando House
  • Emperor's House
  • Generic Large Window 1 House
  • Generic Large Window 2 House
  • Generic Medium Window 1 House
  • Generic Medium Window 2 House
  • Generic Small Window 1 House
  • Generic Small Window 2 House
  • Hangar House
  • Jabba's House
  • Jedi House
  • Mustafarian Bunker
  • Naboo Small Window House
  • Hut House
  • Rebel House
  • Relaxation House
  • Sandcrawler House
  • Sith House
  • Tatooine Small Window House
  • Tree House
  • Vehicle House
  • VIP Bunker House
  • Yoda's House
  • YT1300 House


CU/NGE Speeders

  • Barc Speeder
  • Imperial Barc Speeder
  • Rebel Barc Speeder
  • AB1 LandSpeeder
  • Desert Skiff LandSpeeder
  • Lava Skiff LandSpeeder
  • Tantive4 LandSpeeder
  • USV5 LandSpeeder
  • V35 LandSpeeder
  • XP38 LandSpeeder
  • Pod Racer One
  • Pod Racer Two
  • Sith Speeder



Coming soon



/rotateFurniture yaw

/rotateFurniture pitch

/rotateFurniture roll

/rotateFurniture reset 1






The common consensus is that desync is caused by the way the Star Wars Galaxies client communicates with the server. Sony even had problems with this in the past. When you desync, hard log out of every running client. This means to completely close the client and log back in.


Here are some things that you can do to try and mitigate your chances of desyncing from the server:

1. After a server reboot, completely shutdown all clients you have running.


2. The longer you are logged into the server, the greater your chances of desyncing. So it is good practice to occasionally close all running clients and log back in.


3. Looping macros are known to cause desync issues. If you have alot of problems with desync and you're running looping macros, try to increase the delay time in the macro to atleast 5 seconds.


4. Multiple clients and switching between client windows seem to increase chances. Switch windows less often or run only 1 client at a time, especially when fighting.


The above preventative measures are not a guarantee and only decrease your chances of a desync.




This is just a friendly reminder that this section's purpose is to introduce yourself to the community. We welcome all players, new and experienced alike.


All we ask is that you try to keep any past server comments that may cause drama to a minimum. Life is made easier that way.


Thanks, and welcome to the Reckoning!



**If you are new to Reckoning (or returning after an extended leave), you may want to join the General Chat channel. Simply right click on any chat tab, select “Join Chat Channel”, click to open the Yellow Reckoning Server button, highlight the “General-Public Chat” option (also contains a Yellow button) and click “Join” then “Done”.




What is a deadlock?


A deadlock is a situation in which two or more competing actions are each waiting for the other to finish, and thus neither ever does. When the server is deadlocked, it is still very much online, just stuck or frozen and can not be accessed, that is why the status script can not detect deadlocks and shows the server as online when it is in fact deadlocked. -Taken from SWGEmu


I'm very proud of the fact that Reckoning is one of the most stable servers out there. That said, deadlocks do happen from time to time.


I'm always digging through code looking for deadlock causes, but they are difficult to track. Unless you know exactly which action is causing the lock, you have to sift through code looking for a possible cause. That's where you come in! If you think an action you are performing in game is causing a deadlock, please open a private ticket or send me a private message on the forum. While your reported action may not be causing a deadlock in the end, it really helps because it gives me a place to start.





General Chat should be used for connecting with other players on the server, as well as a place for providing help to players. In General, it should be a place that is conducive of a close and helpful community.


General Chat is NOT for talking trash or making threats. Please take any trash talk to private tells. Keep in mind, that all private messages still have to follow our rules. http://swgreckoning.com/showthread.php?3-Reckoning-Game-Server-rules


All I ask is to keep it civil. We have a great community here and I'd like to see that continue to grow.

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SWG Reckoning is in no way associated with LucasArts, Daybreak Games(formally Sony Online Entertainment), or Disney. The Star Wars & Star Wars Galaxies copyrights/trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

The source code Reckoning uses on its game server is written by SWGEmu and Reckoning. Our code is licensed under the AGPL License.

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