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    There will be several mob types running, city decorations and lottery droid. The city cantina will be open for you to easily obtain mind and doctor buffs. Please use the city entertainer group. If another group is needed to accommodate the number of participants, one will be provided. Please remember to tip the city entertainers and doctors as they are so graciously setting up to help. Please keep in mind: If you pop into ORD SINISMAR prior to the system announcement and start killing mobs, you will be teleported to the center of town and frozen for the duration of the event. You will not be able to talk your way out of it. You may bring only one (1) character per person. No dual boxing. If you are caught dual boxing, your characters will be teleported to the center of town and frozen for the duration of the event and any loot you have obtained will be deleted. Normal rules of engagement apply with regard to overt/special forces players. Please choose your character accordingly. Additional information will be provided in game. The above is to ensure that the event is fair to all participants. Event time is at the top of this page.
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    Awesome event everyone. Thank you so much Ord for allowing us to invade your home. The games and give aways were awesome! A hug thank you to SAGE for taking part and passing out LOADED gift bags. You all rocked it!
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    Thanks Elvira for making these events!
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    This event will be our last city event for a while. Lets make it a blow out! The folks from Ord Sinismar have come up with a few mini events for all of you. Since this is the close of the city events for a while, there will be two additional mob spawns included. Woolamanders and Binayre Pirates. Let's make the screen shake on this one guys!

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