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    Patch 7.3 Profession: Pistoleer [Fixed] Double Tap Ability to function and deal damage accurate to live. Profession: Jedi [Fixed] Transfer Force command to function more accurate to live. [Fixed] Jedi heal timer cool downs to better reflect live. Force Ranking System [Fixed] Light FRS challenges not persisting through restart. [Fixed] Edge case where no winner is selected for a FRS seat if all petitioners had no votes. Creatures [Fixed] NPC's chance to fall back down when standing and dizzy. Items [Fixed] AP/AR calculating for PSG's and adjusted condition loss. Player Cities/Player Structures [Fixed] Skill mods on Player owned hospitals. [Added] Player structure entry permission check for Combat Medic Area of Effect DoTs. [Added] Player structure entry permission check for Area of Effect attacks. [Added] Player structure entry permission check for Bomb Droid detonation damage. [Added] Player Player structure entry permission check for all healing and enhancement abilities. [Added] Custom strings to the destroy structure sui box for house packup. GCW/Bases [Fixed] Imperial SF Tactical Centers listing on the Planetary Map. Theme Parks/Missions/Quests [Fixed] Potential case that could prevent hero of Tatooine pirate leader from respawning. Misc [Fixed] Vehicle zone in bug. [Added] Factory crate contents search to bazaar search function. Server Improved server stability. Improved server performance.
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    A Lottery droid has been set up outside Coronet. Lottery starts at 500,000 credits and will run through Friday. The winner of the lottery will win all credits posted to the Lottery Droid. Droid coordinates are -1176 -3901. You have to play to win. Good luck everyone!

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