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    We are pumped! And we will be planning on lots of goodies for everyone that comes out to participate!
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    Thank you so much everyone for coming out today to join the merriment and Mayhem. So very nice to see so many newcomers. You all completely smashed the day! The after party was all like.... waaaaaah! A huge thanks to Forge for letting us run amok and make a mess of their city. You guys were awesome!
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    *This year’s Galactic home show entries were nothing short of incredible.* A decision on the winner of this year’s Home Show was really rough. Kill commands were flying freely and several staff members may not fully recover. Congratulations to Cimaron winner of the December 2018 Galactic Home Show. Simply amazing. Please contact me to claim your prizes. We can't wait to see what the next Galactic Home Show brings!

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