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  1. Sumane

    New Planets

    you had us all up until this point!!! Lol in all seriousness i would love to see factional armour as a craftable skin for comp. needs to be purchased from a factional recruiter. I would also like to see a lot of the other armour from cu and nge as craftable loot schematics, similar to the nge housing drops, but with all the requirements and resistances of comp.
  2. Sumane

    New Planets

    Would love any and ALL new content that does not break the base game. Armour and weapons from post-cu would also be a great addition, as long as stats remained within pre-cu parameters.
  3. yea lets do it!!!! Group pvp>1v1 once more players start going jedi knight, this is gonna happen anyway as BH will take the mission and take a member of the opposite faction to the jedi, so yea lets let all hell break loose and have a pure group pvp experience.
  4. I didnt notice an option for 2 or 3. This really shouldn't be a poll because people are going to focus on what they selfishly want, rather than what is best for the server (instant gratification, rather than rewarded for hard work). Therefore viewing it from a strictly selfish perspective, how could I ever say that I want less than 8 characters? 8 characters gives me 80 lots, and the ability to be self sufficient if the players i am looking for are not online. in a game as competative as this, I want every advantage, therefore from a strictly selfish standpoint, I have to want the most
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