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  1. I'll give you 5 flawless pearls. All above 1500 condition for the 11 stack of 189s.

  2. How many flawless pearls do you want for the tissue stack?

  3. I'll note it. Aso and I are discussing adding things to the FRS and one of them is fixing the Knight Trials factional mobs. Thanks please submit a bug report with his information.

  4. Oh, and rebel trial 9:


    The high generals are bugged. You need Surface Marshalls. There are two at the "stronghold" POI on Corellia (when it is imp controlled).

  5. Hey fire, great guide in the jedi forums. Just wanted to add, for the rebel trial 8, stormtroopers commandos, the best place by far is the imperial outpost on Lok. There are like 8 or 10 that spawn there.

  6. Teu, I get where youre coming from and part of me feels compelled to try to protect that fun aspect of the game for you. So im definitely not trying to dismiss your concern, I think it is absolutely valid. But, I just see this as the good from this change ultimately out weighing the bad. I think for example a change like this will help more crafters get started (which this server is in desperate need of). And while that may compromise some of the earned advantage one gets currently from doing the resource leg work, the trade off I think is a big advantage collectively for the server. More crafters is a really good thing for the server. Also, I wouldn't discount the tremendous service that the crafters we have now are performing for the benefit of the aerver. What seems to be perceived as "the rich getting richer" and people "putting down 80 harvesters" as being only for the benefit of the crafter. In several cases, there are only 1 or 2 craters making a certain item, and a lot of times they do so out of necessity, not because it is how they get the most enjoyment out of the game.... a sacrifice for the betterment of the server. If this is what those people need to make their lives easier (so that they can continue to provide those services) then I feel like I have to vote for that.
  7. bigbadbrad

    Player Bounties

    You're a walking, talking, cockblock!! 1.) Okay, well i guess the good news is I think you can let this objection go as Aso has addressed it in this thread already. We aren't getting the NGE system, feel better? 2.) You know the game was hopelessly broken even in the state we are trying to emulate, right? That's why they implemented something as radical as the CU in the first place. Is it really your position that despite all the support for this idea, and all the fun people could have with it, that because it wasn't in pre-cu we can't have it here? That's your contribution? Give me a break. And you think we are the ones being silly? 3.)You're going to have to elaborate on how this ruins PvP if you want the objection to be taken seriously. This system facilitates more PvP. How are you thinking it gets ruined? Because to me it seems like a system like this helps facilitate more pvp. You have "three" paragraphs above but you really only have one thought: "I don't like this because it isn't exactly like Pre-cu." Why would you put a hard "cap" on the fun we could have? And do it so arbitrarily.
  8. bigbadbrad

    Player Bounties

    Aso you da man! Love this idea!
  9. What if we let BHs take missions on other BHs? What if attacking jedi gave them that visibility? Or maybe we let FRS Jedi take missions on BHs who gained visibility (maybe by killing a non-FRS jedi?) and upon mission completion the jedi were awarded some amount of FRS xp? I also like the idea that when a BH and jedi engage, both players become attack able to ALL players. This seems to be more a representation.of how it might really be... an onlooker could choose to help either party, for whatever reason.
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