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  1. I see your point Teu. I just feel that since we have 8 character slots the point is kind of moot. If you're going to make it easy with 80 lots and 8 characters why not make it easy on he crafters. I don't know that there is anyone dedicated to crafting (other than you now), as a full time thing, just because of the variety of characters we are allowed to use. I can't keep up with 1 let alone multiples. I know people who have dropped 20-30+ harvesters on a single thing to stockpile multi-millions of it. I do see your point though, and agree to an extent.
  2. It said it doesn't list the planets, which IPS droids could be used to track down cheaper (and probably quicker) than flying to all the planets to survey.
  3. IT would involve re-coding everything they already have coded. I don't see any need/reason to recreate their efforts here. It's a site just like galaxy harvester that's mostly useful to crafters (and gatherers). It basically allows them to to try use or track down server best resources easily to make the goods everyone uses, like weapons and armor.
  4. Yes, it would take coding. Balance takes coding, and tweaking code. Adding a 24 point system like you are suggesting also takes coding. I'm just saying, there's multiple ways to solve a problem, and one way can be as good as another way, if the end result is balanced game-play.
  5. There are other alternatives that could be put into place to avoid unbalancing. For example, if you're wearing robes, you lose the ability to use all non-jedi skills. Another could be that all non-jedi skills take double the points to learn, so you would have to drop skills much more quickly upon becoming a jedi in the first place.
  6. I think jedi should be able to wear a backpack too.
  7. Balance needs to be tweaked until its right. it takes trial and error to achieve the best balance. So to say don't mess with it, is saying you want imbalance.
  8. Just because something was one way on live, doesn't mean it has to be exactly the same here. I think it would be a nice touch to increase stats with increased robes.
  9. tonyisme2

    Player Bounties

    I think some of what fire is saying is if i only want to pvp for a little while, i have that option currently. If someone can just pick up a mission and re-kill me sometime later, i might not be as willing to pvp in the first place. I think this is how it would detract from pvp, rather than support it.
  10. I haven't been here in a long while, but I am one of the people who essentially started this poll with ibispe, and some others, and then ended up leaving. I do check in the forums from time to time. I'd like to take a minute to address your post thundergod97, so you can see things from the other side so to speak, as you are asking people to do. I completely understand wanting to be able to do everything and everything. I've personally had multiple accounts on a few different games. I think the biggest issue, is numbers. While some games are meant to be played how you like (read single player), in my opinion mmo's and especially sandboxes are meant to be played with others. This game was DESIGNED around playing with others. You got to try everything you wanted on a single character, just not all at once. I think they did an excellent job of that, and people relied on others as it should be in a multiplayer game. You aren't playing alone. You don't need to do everything at once. dabble in this, dabble in that, find something you enjoy, and go with it. Bored? drop some skills, learn some other ones, and repeat. SWG has a system that allows you to try just about every single combination there is, so there isn't a real need for so many characters. It allows you to learn and unlearn skills at a minimal cost. I think multiple characters detracts from the game play by forcing a social game to become anti-social. Who needs to make friends when you have a doc, an entertainer, and a jedi, that can all be logged in at the same time, or switched out to buff yourself (if the limit is still 2 here? I don't know). I think multiple characters and accounts ruins many otherwise good games out there, as people 'experiment' with different things, and discover they can do it themselves, and be greedy, and get more loot, and not have to worry about other people. I think it helps to ruin the economy, (less people selling you things because you're getting them, and they are, and their friends are), and creates a hostile environment because of an unfair advantage. If the game was designed differently, I think your viewpoint becomes more valid. Personally, I would love to see a game that was restricted to 1 character, maybe 2... but only 1 account. I don't think it can happen with today's technology, but perhaps in the future it will be possible with continuous retinal scans, or fingerprints on the mouse or facial recognition or something.
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