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  1. I disagree with touching anything that is out of the normality of the Jedi class, relevant to its Live state. Balance would be a whole new nightmare and bigger one than it already is for you Aso.
  2. Can't really call it a 1v1 situation when Jedi get tagged by 2+ bounty hunters as I do. I was always tagged by 3+ in the Live SWG for my rank. I think we should leave it as it is and instead allow fellow jedi, provided they are the same faction and grouped with the bountied target, be able to assist 100% in the battle. Show them bounty hunters that even in high numbers, they have much to fear. We are the alpha class, they are not, they should never find a Jedi an easy target even with the 1k+ weapons (Jury) and a true part of the hunt is appreciating the effort and challenge it takes to beat a Jedi to the ground. TL;DR - I agree with Fire on the Jedi/Faction bound TEF.
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