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  1. Hotfix 7.1.2 Player Cities/Player Structures [Added] Vendor owners will receive a notification via mail when a structure containing a vendor that they own is packed up in a structure. [Added] Vendor owners will receive a notification via mail when a structure containing a vendor that they own is un packed. A waypoint to the structure's new location will be attached. Server [Fixed] An issue where the server would delete and not show vendor items upon server restart.
  2. We will have a bit of unplanned downtime tonight @ 10PM ET to correct a small issue with house pack up that I've discovered. Expected downtime is about 10 minutes.
  3. Hotfix 7.1.1 Player Cities/Player Structures [Fixed] Rotation bug when unpacking a structure.
  4. Aso

    Patch 7.1 Released!

    Patch 7.1 has been released! Patch notes can be found at: Please report any bugs or issues using our support system.
  5. Patch 7.1 Profession: Medic [Fixed] Diagnose command to work on NPC and Creature objects. Profession: Squad Leader [Fixed] Squad leaders will now receive passive group buffs. Combat/Skills [Fixed] Burst run costs are now modified by secondary stats. Force Ranking System [Fixed] Timer message for light side demote function when used by the council leader. [Added] Arena duel checks to other healing commands that were missing these checks. [Fixed] Players with an active no confidence vote incorrectly getting demoted if their rank had changed prior to the end of the vote. Items/Loot [Fixed] Ormachek XP bonus multiplier. [Fixed] Rancor bile attributes. Armor [Fixed] Armour condition decay rate currently incorrect. [Fixed] Rebel marine armor chest plate corvette loot attributes. Creatures/NPCs/AI [Changed] Viewing creature level will now require 45 creature knowledge skill, down from 50 (current value). [Fixed] Incorrect Teras Kasi trainer location on Talus. [Removed] Rooftop NPC in Mos Entha. [Fixed] Trained veermok aggro in Lok Sulfur Pirate cave. [Fixed] Missing chef trainer in Bestine. Player Cities/Player Structures [Added] Player Structure Pack-Up. This will allow you to move your structure with all items intact. A guide can be found at: [Fixed] Residency change cooldown no longer affects placing a city hall. Vendors [Added] Vendor search functionality. You can filter by item name and min/max price. Pets [Fixed] Player pet droid ambient sounds. (Not retroactive for previously crafted droid pets.) [Fixed] Crafted droid mobile typos. [Fixed] Droid deeds losing their modules. Dungeons/Theme Parks/Quests/Missions [Fixed] Issue preventing hero of tatooine boar from respawning after killed. [Rewrote] Geonosian caves screenplay. [Refactored] CoA screenplays to prep for CoA3. [Fixed] DWB voice terminal bug. [Fixed] DWB bomb droid detonation bug. Misc [Fixed] Error trying to select non-one time vet rewards. [Fixed] Missing system message when player loots empty corpse. Server Improved server stability. [Fixed] Some memory leaks.
  6. We will be bringing the server down on 2/11/2019 @ 3PM ET to apply patch 7.1. We will also be updating the server's OS during the downtime. Downtime is expected to be less than an hour. Patch notes:
  7. Most everything has been tested already and is working as intended with the exception of house pack-up. We need as many people testing this as we can. One of the biggest additions that players have been asking for is player house pack-up. If you're not familiar with it, its an NGE feature the allowed you to redeed a player structure with all items intact, and place it elsewhere. We need to ensure that this is working correctly before it hits the live server. Patch Notes:
  8. Reckoning Four Year Anniversary Celebration In celebration of Reckoning's Four Year Anniversary, we will be holding an event this weekend, Friday, January 11th (4:00AM ET) to Monday, January 14th (4:00AM ET). Wow! Did I say four years? It's still hard for me to believe reading that statement back to myself. Four great years of proven stability, longevity and strong bonds forged through our awesome community of players. That's something to be very proud of, I know I am. You guys, the community should be as well. Without you, we most certainly wouldn't be where we are today, let alone be celebrating a fourth birthday. Thank you for helping make Reckoning what it is today. I also want to give a huge shout out to the SWGEmu team. Your many years of hard work and dedication to the cause has enabled communities such as ours to relive the game we all love. Cheers to four years, and many many more to come! Event Details: Experience will be doubled for the duration of the event. You will receive the Four Year Anniversary event badge. You will receive two Four Year Anniversary event paintings. Reckoning Credits will begin dropping from all mobs within the world.
  9. Aso

    Server Maintainence, 12/24/2018

    Server is back online! Remember to close all running clients and restart the Reckoning launcher.
  10. The server will be going offline @ 9AM ET this morning. During this downtime, I will be updating the server's OS and applying the Christmas event. I expect this downtime to last for approximately one hour.
  11. Aso

    Happy Holidays!

    Reckoning Holiday Celebration Happy Holidays! Reckoning will be holding an event to celebrate the holiday season. The event will run from Monday, December 24th @ 10AM ET to Saturday, December 29th @ 4AM ET. Event Details: Experience will be doubled for the duration of the event. You will receive the Holiday 2018 event badge. You will receive two Holiday 2018 event paintings. Reckoning Credits will begin dropping from all mobs within the world. New for this event and going forward, the Reckoning Reward NPC will now offer name changes (30 day cool down applies) and previous event badges. This is in addition to previous paintings.
  12. Aso

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Reckoning Thanksgiving Celebration Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Reckoning will be holding an event to celebrate Thanksgiving. The event will run from Friday, November 23rd @ 6AM ET to Monday, November 26th @ 4AM ET. Event Details: Experience will be doubled for the duration of the event. You will receive the Thanksgiving 2018 event badge. You will receive the Thanksgiving 2018 event painting. Reckoning Credits (a new event currency) will drop from mobs in the world and it can be obtained by participating in official server events. This new currency can be used at the Reckoning Reward NPC. Currently, you can purchase previous event paintings at the cost of 10 Reckoning Credits each. More rewards and services will come in the future. The Reckoning Reward NPC will spawn in front of starports in Coronet, Theed, and Mos Eisley.
  13. Things have been slow going on the development front for the last month or so as I'm sure you've all noticed. After getting the last update out, I needed a little break. Part of it being burn out, the other part being life. After doing this for about four years now, one needs some downtime. I want to take this time to thank all of our staff members for their excellent work and dedication to the project. Even in my absence, Reckoning continues to flourish because of your great work. I will be getting with other staff members this week to discuss our plans going forward. I want to get development back into full swing with regular updates. Right now, the development focus will continue to be squashing existing bugs, with our second focus being merging in all of the great changes coming from the SWGEmu team, as well as new changes of our own.
  14. I just updated the forum software to version 4.3.6 which includes security updates. Please report any issues you encounter. I don't expect there should be any.
  15. Aso

    Labor Day & Patch 7 Event

    The event has been extended by one day. It will now end on Tuesday, Sept 4th @ 4AM ET. Normal server restart will not happen tomorrow, but instead on Tuesday.

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