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  1. Reckoning Thanksgiving Weekend Celebration Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Reckoning will be holding an event to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. The event will run from Friday, November 27th @ 6AM ET to Tuesday, December 1st @ 6AM ET. Event Details: Experience will be doubled for the duration of the event. You will receive the Thanksgiving 2020 event badge. You will receive the Thanksgiving 2020 event painting. Reckoning Credits will begin dropping from all mobs within the world. Be on the lookout for events held throughout the weekend by staff. These will usually be posted on the community calendar ahead of time.
  2. We will be releasing an updated launcher within the next few days, the date is yet to be determined. To enable secure communication between the launcher and our server, a dependency update will be required. You will be required to have at least .NET Framework 4.6 or newer and be running Windows Vista SP2 or newer to use our launcher. If you're running a newer OS, you probably won't have to do a thing. For those of you that do need to update, click the link below to see a list of available .Net Framework downloads. Download .Net Framework Installer https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework Not sure which version to install for your Operating System? Check out the "Installation Requirements" section at: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/get-started/system-requirements
  3. The server will go down at 6AM ET on Thursday, October 22nd to apply a few fixes. Downtime will be no longer than a normal restart.
  4. During the normal server restart tomorrow, we will be performing server maintenance and OS updates. I expect this to last between 1 to 2 hours, but may be less.
  5. Hotfix 8.0.1 Armor/Weapons/Items [Fixed] An issue causing some Ithorian armor to flash. Player Cities/Player Structures [Fixed] Bazaar terminals in player cities will now properly deduct maintenance, similar and at the same cost to mission terminals. [Added] Bazaar terminals in player cities will now show on the cities maintenance report. GCW/PvP/Player Bounties [Fixed] An issue where a player with spawn protection was attackable. [Fixed] An issue with bounty player stat tracking. Vendors [Fixed] A bug that was causing newly created humanoid vendors to be buck naked. Misc [Fixed] Furniture pitch, yaw, and roll command. Server [Fixed] A possible server stability issue.
  6. When the server goes down for its normal restart on 9/8/2020 @ 6AM, I will be applying Hotfix 8.0.1 to address a few bugs with Patch 8.0. Downtime shouldn't be much more than a normal restart. As always, patch notes will be posted. Just a reminder that double experience will end. We will be keeping Reckoning Credits and the Patch 8.0 badge enabled until the next restart.
  7. A bit late, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy and safe Labor Day! Enjoy the food, and time off with the family.
  8. Aso

    Reckoning Wiki

    I'm working on getting our wiki up to date with all of the information on our latest changes. You'll notice at the top of our website, there is a new tab "Reckoning Wiki" which contains a lot of useful links. I will be continuing to add to this.
  9. Aso

    Vendor update

    The bug with vendors not showing items has been resolved. Thanks for your patience.
  10. Reckoning Patch 8.0 Patch 8.0 has now been deployed to the live server! Make sure to close all running game clients, and restart the launcher to get the latest files. With any patch, we encourage people to report bugs at https://swgreckoning.com/support/. Patch notes can be found at: In celebration, we will be holding a launch event that will run from now, until the Tuesday restart next week. Event Details: Experience will be doubled for the duration of the event. You will receive an event badge upon login. Reckoning Credits will begin dropping from all mobs within the world.
  11. Patch 8.0 Profession: Pistoleer [Fixed] Multi Target Pistol Shot damage/speed multipliers and AOE. Profession: Squad Leader [Fixed] Squad Leader HAM Cost Modifier. Profession: Jedi [Fixed] Padawan and Force Sensitive titles are no longer able to be surrendered. Profession: Image Designer [Fixed] Image design session being interrupted by previous session target leaving saloon. Force Ranking System [Fixed] FRS maintenance experience debt not properly banking. [Fixed] Jedi capped on FRS experience will now get the capped message. [Fixed] FRS no confidence to allow 2/3rds majority vote. [Changed] Reduced the amount of available seats per rank. Creatures [Fixed] Axkva Min respawn timer. [Fixed] A few NPC's with improper dressgroup . [Added] Missing Gorax faction. [Fixed] A creature respawn bug. [Fixed] Settler having thug faction instead of townsperson faction. [Added] Missing Light Jedi dressgroup. [Added] Six randomly spawning world bosses. Pets [Fixed] Logic error with calling factional pets. Armor/Weapons/Items [Fixed] Spice downtime reduction foods adding permanent debuff when over 100% reduction. [Fixed] Incorrect damage type on the Victor Visalis tusken rifle. [Fixed] Equipable items with +terrain negotiation not applying. [Fixed] Correct B-Wing Survival Suit Factional Requirement. [Fixed] Foods that grant the incap_recovery skill mod now apply the mod properly. [Fixed] Increase Janta blood max useCount to 8. [Fixed] The foods Jaar and Karkan now perform the proper instant effects. [Added] Galactic Moon Festival Wings. [Added] Blue Ewok Festival of Love Wings. [Added] Golden Ewok Festival of Love Wings. [Added] Pink Ewok Festival of Love Wings. [Added] Ewok Festival of Love Wings. [Added] Galactic Moon Festival Backpack. [Added] Rucksack of the Tusken King. [Added] Rebel Ace Field Pack. [Added] Imperial Ace Field Pack. [Added] Pilot Ace Field Pack. [Added] Tauntaun Rucksack. [Added] Alliance Camouflage Backpack. [Added] Imperial Camouflage Backpack. [Added] Nightsister Feather Backpack. [Added] Lok Revenant Backpack. [Added] C-3PO Backpack. [Added] Recon Backpack. [Added] Yoda Backpack. [Added] Player Structure Walls. Credit to Borrie. [Fixed] Mesh issues with the NGE armors so they display correctly when equipped. Crafting/Harvesters/Factories/Resources [Fixed] Factories eating extra single item ingredients [Fixed] Error that sometimes prevented survey minigames from starting. [Fixed] Ability to filet a fish in a players inventory. [Fixed] Recycler resource destruction client notification. [Added] Resources will be named such to show the resource class and name. Example: Rhodium Steel (Namostagian) -- Credit to Flurry Player Cities/Player Structures [Changed] Commercial structures can now be packed up. [Fixed] Position of house address signs on Medium Naboo Houses. (For existing houses, you'll need to re-select the sign from the structure terminal so the sign repositions.) [Fixed] Parking Garage system message shows again properly. [Added] Ability to delete structure control device with code confirmation. [Fixed] Several edge cases with structure packup. [Added] City structure orphan handling. [Added] Factional signs that are placeable by the Mayor of a player city depending on player city faction alignment. Signs are obtainable through GCW recruiters. [Added] Reckoning Banners that are placeable by the Mayor of a player city. These can be obtained from the Reckoning event NPC, or through official staff events. [Added] Purchasable structure walls to all player structures via the structure terminal. [Added] /structurelist command. This command will list all of your structures, and their location. Guild [Added] /guildlist command. This command will list everyone in guild, their position in guild, and their online status. You will also be able to manage the member remotely, instead of having to visit a terminal. Vendors/Auction [Added] Players can now pay vendor maintenance from the vendor control device. [Added] Ability to delete vendor control device with code confirmation. [Added] Vendor expired item relist functionality. Credit to Dirge. GCW/Bases [Fixed] GCW base spawn bug. [Added] Crackdown reinforcement troops now attack the player when they spawn. [Added] Chance for contraband scanner to detect a Jedi and call in reinforcements in order to kill the Jedi. [Changed] Increased faction level to 9 in order to be recognized in scan. [Fixed] Crackdown reinforcement strength based on GCW standing. [Changed] Smuggler chance to avoid contraband scan detection to be dependent on skill level. [Added] Smugglers will now give all members in the group a chance to avoid contraband scan if close enough. [Changed] Increased chance for contraband scanners to detect high level opposite faction players. [Added] Overt/Tef'd players of opposite faction are always detected and the scanner will call for reinforcements. [Added] Spawn Protection when logging in. [Added] Spawn Protection after using a shuttle. [Added] Players in PvP combat cannot logout. Player Bounties [Changed] Increased the amount of time a player will be on the bounty terminal if a bounty is placed on their head to 7 days, up from 48 hours. [Changed] Removed the requirement that a player has to 50 kills before there is a chance that a bounty will be offered. [Changed] The maximum bounty reward that can be placed on a player is 500k credits. [Changed] Only 50% of the bounty reward will be returned to the bounty placer if the bounty is not completed within 7 days. Down from 100%. Theme Parks/Missions/Quests [Added] Theed Race Track. [Fixed] Bug preventing completing warren compassion if warren hero was already completed. [Fixed] Edge case preventing completion of in progress village survey quest after a phase change. [Added] Combat level and type to mission names. -- Credit to Aftermath [Fixed] Corvette screenplay movement issue. [Added] Lok Revenant Backpack as a reward for Nym's Theme Park. World [Added] Planetary control signs outside of every Star Port depending on which faction controls the planet. [Added] Reckoning Banners outside of the Coronet , Theed, and Bestine Star Ports. [Fixed] Spawn region position initialization. [Added] No spawn area and no build zones around caves on Tatooine. [Fixed] Position of no spawn and no build area around a Jedi shrine on Tatooine. [Changed] Increased size of no spawn and no build areas around jedi shrines on Tatooine. [Added] 18 new exploration badges to Naboo. Misc [Fixed] The board shuttle SUI window can no longer be opened multiple times. Banks are now global and can be accessed from any bank terminal. [Fixed] HAM remaining modified after power boost buff runs out. [Fixed] An issue with command execution not respecting command delay and order. [Fixed] Tipped credits not updating the client. [Fixed] Bug requesting flash speeder replacement. [Fixed] Player is only allowed to move with sneak ability during /takecover command. Server Improved server stability. Improved server performance.
  12. The server is offline while I apply the patch to live. The test server will be online for those that want something to do. Will keep everyone posted!
  13. The server will go offline Monday, August 31st @ 2PM ET to apply Patch 8.0. Downtime is expected to last between two to three hours. Some changes did not make it into this patch, so we will be pushing subsequent patches in the coming weeks, to both fix bugs, and add any new changes that didn't make it.
  14. Just wanted to update everyone on what the current plans are for pushing Patch 8.0. Right now, the tentative date for pushing this patch to live is Monday, August 31st @ 12PM ET. Downtime is expected to last between two to three hours. The plan was for the 25th, but I wanted to give myself a little buffer to finish up a few more things. Tentative community meeting August 30th 4pm PST/7pm EST and August 31st 4pm PST/7pm EST
  15. Patch 7.3.1 Server [Fixed] emu-cve-2020-01 dupe exploit.

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