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  1. Hotfix 6.0.3 GTEF [Fixed] An issue where experience was being removed when it shouldn't. Misc [Added] PlayerStatsCommand. This command can be used only on yourself. [Changed] ShowPvPStats display format. [Fixed] Fixed more stability issues.
  2. Patch 6.0: The Reckoning Is At Hand Profession: Architect Fixed an issue with making heavy mineral miner deeds in a factory. Profession: Artisan Fixed the filling on Dustcrepe. Profession: Bio-Engineer Fixed effectiveness resists not changing during experimentation. Tissues now have the correct cover mod. Profession: Bounty Hunter NPC bounty mission targets will now travel towards a starport and travel to a different planet when they get there. Adjusted bounty droid success formula to improve success rates at higher skill mods. Droids should no longer sometimes report incorrect distances. Profession: Droid Engineer Droids made in factories should no longer lose their modules after removal from the crate. Droids with no power can no longer function as crafting stations. Crafting station modules no longer allow a player to experiment when crafting with a generic crafting tool. Recharging droids now heals their battle fatigue. Detonation droids should now detonate properly. Detonation droids now do their 10 second warmup when called instead of when ordered to detonate. Droids with harvest modules will now always harvest when set to auto harvest instead of only working if their owner was the group leader. Profession: Entertainer Added group xp bonus. Added xp bonuses for audience response. Fixed flourish xp to diminish over time when no new flourishes are performed. Profession: Image Designer Fixed some customization details not getting updated properly. Profession: Medic/Doctor/Combat Medic Healing and buffing now properly take into account the target's battle fatigue. Tend wound now accepts parameters to specify which attribute to heal. Profession: Merchant Fixed the intervals for warning and deletion of empty vendors. Profession: Politician City Decorations can no longer be placed within no build zones (such as near POIs). Profession: Ranger/Scout Camouflage no longer checks constantly causing it to break prematurely. Rangers can now remove camouflage from themselves. Rangers can now get scouting xp from concealing other players. Camo kit crafting now uses camouflage skill for assembly/experimentation. Fixed the layout of some camps. Camouflage now only works on the planet where it was applied. Area Track now gives the correct direction when the ranger or target is indoors. Fixed the duration of camouflage and added an animation to it's application. Profession: Rifleman Sniper shot should work correctly now. Profession: Smuggler Slicing a weapon with a powerup on it will now destroy the powerup. Profession: Squad Leader Group skill mods now persist properly on group members instead of falling off after 5 minutes. Group skill mods are now added/removed/updated on group members properly when needed (SL trains/surrenders a skill, faction and faction status changes, travel, player bounty combat, SL death/incapacitation/revival, SL leaving group). Profession: Weaponsmith Fixed the stock component slot on DH17 carbines to be optional instead of required. Combat Fixed the color of some combat log entries. Mobs will now use secondary defenses. Only one pool can now be wounded per attack instead of each pool having a separate chance on each attack. Auto attacks now have the same min range calculation as enqueued attacks. DOT absorption now functions properly. Fixed some instances where a player can get stuck in a feigned death state. Food damage mitigation now applies after armor mitigation. Wookiee roar no longer goes on cooldown if the target is out of range when used. Secondary targets of AoE/cone attacks will now properly give the attacker a TEF where appropriate. Combat damage vs. targets vulnerable to the damage type will no longer change when the target's regular resists are reduced. Attacks that add a DoT will no longer add the DoT to a corpse if the attack kills the target. GCW/PVP Added Group TEF for Bounty Hunter Vs Jed. A TEF flag will now always be present when you have any kind of PvP TEF. Players must now be Special Forces in order to delegate faction points. Player names now properly flash while changing faction status. Planetary control scores are now updated hourly instead of in real time (the winner was already updated hourly which caused some confusion when the scores changed but the winner hadn't updated yet). Fixed some issues with /delegate when the target is at or near their faction point cap. PvP TEF now also blocks entry to player city civic structures. A base's security terminal can now be properly repaired after a failed slice. Faction bases now have an explosion animation when destroyed. A player's faction insignia will now only show to opposite faction and neutral players if they have a TEF or are Overt. Force Ranking System Added Petitioning, Voting, And Demotion to the FRS. Current Force Ranked Jedi will be reset to rank 0 with this update. FRS experience will be maintained. Improvements to FRS modifier calculations. Items/Loot Droid repair kits can once again be used by any player. Food/drink that apply their affect as a reaction to an external event will now properly have a default duration of 60 minutes. Fixed factory run times. Looted weapons will no longer have skill mods for other weapon types. The Two-Handed Axe now has it's correct armor piercing. Added the Eyes of Mesra to loot. Fixed the max crate size for many items when created in a factory. Exceptional and Legendary items can now drop from any level enemy. Increased the chance for skill mods and dots to be found on looted items. Exceptional and legendary items now have a much greater chance to have skill mods and/or dots on them than standard loot. Poison and disease resist buff pack Cs now bestow their absorption mod. Fixed the armor piercing on Nightsister Energy Lances. Clothing/armor's name now turns yellow after an attachment is added. New BE enhanced clothing will have a yellow name. Weapons with DoTs and looted items with skill mods will have a yellow name. Creatures/NPCs/AI Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to not be able to see spatial chat from an NPC. Philosophers will now respond when conversed with. Fixed a creature area attack that wasn't properly an area attack. Added proper AI pathfinding within the world and from the world into a building. Some dynamically spawned NPCs will now have a random mood set. NPCs will no longer sometimes spawn with a weapon in hand that they'll never use. Added proper random name generation for droids. Fixed AI now uses height in it's aggro distance calculation and will no longer sometimes aggro from too far away in hilly locations. Fixed some instances where corpses would talk. When a mob leashes for moving too far away from it's home location, any DoTs on it will be removed. Spawns/World Updated some newbie spawns to be non-aggressive. Fixed it so that mobs that spawn together in the same dynamic spawn will never fight each other. Easy and Medium spawn zones around cities will now only spawn mobs from their respective spawn list instead of also spawning things from the world spawner. Non-trainer NPCs that have the appearance of a trainer no longer register on the planetary map as a trainer. NPCs that are indoors now register on the planetary map (trainers, junk dealers). Added a few junk dealers that were missing. The names of some outposts on the map have been fixed. Added crafting contractors' functionality. Fixed some lairs on Yavin IV that weren't spawning their boss mobs. Added a couple wild spawns that were missing. The Nightsister Stronghold cave's spawns are now more accurate to live. Axkva Min now calls for assistance when engaged. Planets Added the planet Taanab. (Credits to Takhomasak) Pets Squad Leader buffs should now be able to affect pets. Healing of pets now conforms to the same faction status rules as healing of players. Pets can now sit or lie down in response to certain emotes. Pets capable of sitting down will now do their sit trick animation when performing a trick. Pets and vehicles can no longer be stored while their owner is in combat or dead. Events/Dungeons/Theme Parks/Quests Added the Village Jedi progression system. This includes everything from unlocking glowing, the village and the Padawan Trials. Current Jedi will have access to the village and its quests. Added the Corellian Corvette dungeon and associated quests and loot. Added the Nightsister Stronghold tasks. Added the Singing Mountain Clan tasks. Added Bardo Klinj task. Added Brennis Doore task. Added Captain Eso task. Added Crev Bombaasa task. Added CX-425 tasks. Added Dalla Solo task. Added Damalia Korde task. Added Dannik Malaan task. Added Denell Kel Vannon task. Added Dilvin Lormurojo task. Added Durgur Pyne task. Added Ebenn Q3 Baobab task. Added Gravin Attal task. Added Green Laser task. Added Grobber and Zekka Thyne tasks. Added Grondorn Muse task. Added Ignar Ominaz task. Added Jazeen Thurmm task. Added Joz Jodhul task. Added Jusani Zhord task. Added Kritus Morven task. Added Lethin Bludder task. Added Megan Dr'lar task. Added Rep Been task. Added Scolex Grath task. Added Serj-X Arrogantus task. Added Skinkner task. Added Venthan Chassu task. Added Vinya Maysor and Karrek Flim tasks. Added Vraker Orde tasks. Added Warden Vinzel Haylon task. Added Yith Seenath task. Added the rest of Gilker Budz' tasks. Talon Karrde no longer has tasks for players, instead his lieutenant Zakarisz Ghent now does. Targets for themepark/task quests will now only spawn once the player is close to their location. Added some missing conversation options to some themepark/task givers and targets. When speaking to a themepark/task quest giver while having another quest underway, the giver will now have the option to quit their current task. Escorts will now stop if a player gets too far away and will require the player to converse with them to continue. Added the heralds for the geonosian lab (including the one that also acts as a junk dealer for the geo relics). Added some other heralds that were missing. Fixed the mark of intellect quest to properly require the player to have spoken to the hermit first. The mark of altruism quest now properly requires completion of the hermit's pre-quest. Fixed the blumbush painting schematic so that the Bestine Museum Curator will actually give it to a player that purchases it. Death Watch Bunker security waves will now despawn after 5 minutes if not killed. DWB security waves now trigger on damage instead of on a timer. DWB security waves now path through their rooms looking for intruders. Misc Increased the amount of missions a player can have from 2 to 4. Added several system messages that were missing. Fixed some structure commands that sometimes tried to target a structure other than the player's target. Fixed the /emptymail command to properly delete mail. The /find command will now draw it's yellow path when used within static cities. Fixed moods that weren't setting their proper animation. Added species xp bonuses. Added the race droid player event perk. Added the scavenger droid player event perk. Fixed some player event perks that could not be re-deeded. Lotto droids no longer break after a server restart. Server Improved server auto restart. Resource Spawns will be updated to Galaxy Harvester twice a day. At 6AM ET & 6PM ET. Improved server status display. Will now display when the sever is down, loading, or locked. Improved server stability. Fixed some memory leaks. Made many server performance optimizations. Added a much more graceful server shutdown procedure.
  3. Hotfix 7.1.2 Player Cities/Player Structures [Added] Vendor owners will receive a notification via mail when a structure containing a vendor that they own is packed up in a structure. [Added] Vendor owners will receive a notification via mail when a structure containing a vendor that they own is un packed. A waypoint to the structure's new location will be attached. Server [Fixed] An issue where the server would delete and not show vendor items upon server restart.
  4. We will have a bit of unplanned downtime tonight @ 10PM ET to correct a small issue with house pack up that I've discovered. Expected downtime is about 10 minutes.
  5. Hotfix 7.1.1 Player Cities/Player Structures [Fixed] Rotation bug when unpacking a structure.
  6. Aso

    Patch 7.1 Released!

    Patch 7.1 has been released! Patch notes can be found at: Please report any bugs or issues using our support system.
  7. Patch 7.1 Profession: Medic [Fixed] Diagnose command to work on NPC and Creature objects. Profession: Squad Leader [Fixed] Squad leaders will now receive passive group buffs. Combat/Skills [Fixed] Burst run costs are now modified by secondary stats. Force Ranking System [Fixed] Timer message for light side demote function when used by the council leader. [Added] Arena duel checks to other healing commands that were missing these checks. [Fixed] Players with an active no confidence vote incorrectly getting demoted if their rank had changed prior to the end of the vote. Items/Loot [Fixed] Ormachek XP bonus multiplier. [Fixed] Rancor bile attributes. Armor [Fixed] Armour condition decay rate currently incorrect. [Fixed] Rebel marine armor chest plate corvette loot attributes. Creatures/NPCs/AI [Changed] Viewing creature level will now require 45 creature knowledge skill, down from 50 (current value). [Fixed] Incorrect Teras Kasi trainer location on Talus. [Removed] Rooftop NPC in Mos Entha. [Fixed] Trained veermok aggro in Lok Sulfur Pirate cave. [Fixed] Missing chef trainer in Bestine. Player Cities/Player Structures [Added] Player Structure Pack-Up. This will allow you to move your structure with all items intact. A guide can be found at: [Fixed] Residency change cooldown no longer affects placing a city hall. Vendors [Added] Vendor search functionality. You can filter by item name and min/max price. Pets [Fixed] Player pet droid ambient sounds. (Not retroactive for previously crafted droid pets.) [Fixed] Crafted droid mobile typos. [Fixed] Droid deeds losing their modules. Dungeons/Theme Parks/Quests/Missions [Fixed] Issue preventing hero of tatooine boar from respawning after killed. [Rewrote] Geonosian caves screenplay. [Refactored] CoA screenplays to prep for CoA3. [Fixed] DWB voice terminal bug. [Fixed] DWB bomb droid detonation bug. Misc [Fixed] Error trying to select non-one time vet rewards. [Fixed] Missing system message when player loots empty corpse. Server Improved server stability. [Fixed] Some memory leaks.
  8. We will be bringing the server down on 2/11/2019 @ 3PM ET to apply patch 7.1. We will also be updating the server's OS during the downtime. Downtime is expected to be less than an hour. Patch notes:
  9. Most everything has been tested already and is working as intended with the exception of house pack-up. We need as many people testing this as we can. One of the biggest additions that players have been asking for is player house pack-up. If you're not familiar with it, its an NGE feature the allowed you to redeed a player structure with all items intact, and place it elsewhere. We need to ensure that this is working correctly before it hits the live server. Patch Notes:
  10. Reckoning Four Year Anniversary Celebration In celebration of Reckoning's Four Year Anniversary, we will be holding an event this weekend, Friday, January 11th (4:00AM ET) to Monday, January 14th (4:00AM ET). Wow! Did I say four years? It's still hard for me to believe reading that statement back to myself. Four great years of proven stability, longevity and strong bonds forged through our awesome community of players. That's something to be very proud of, I know I am. You guys, the community should be as well. Without you, we most certainly wouldn't be where we are today, let alone be celebrating a fourth birthday. Thank you for helping make Reckoning what it is today. I also want to give a huge shout out to the SWGEmu team. Your many years of hard work and dedication to the cause has enabled communities such as ours to relive the game we all love. Cheers to four years, and many many more to come! Event Details: Experience will be doubled for the duration of the event. You will receive the Four Year Anniversary event badge. You will receive two Four Year Anniversary event paintings. Reckoning Credits will begin dropping from all mobs within the world.
  11. The server will be going offline @ 9AM ET this morning. During this downtime, I will be updating the server's OS and applying the Christmas event. I expect this downtime to last for approximately one hour.
  12. Aso

    Server Maintainence, 12/24/2018

    Server is back online! Remember to close all running clients and restart the Reckoning launcher.
  13. Aso

    Happy Holidays!

    Reckoning Holiday Celebration Happy Holidays! Reckoning will be holding an event to celebrate the holiday season. The event will run from Monday, December 24th @ 10AM ET to Saturday, December 29th @ 4AM ET. Event Details: Experience will be doubled for the duration of the event. You will receive the Holiday 2018 event badge. You will receive two Holiday 2018 event paintings. Reckoning Credits will begin dropping from all mobs within the world. New for this event and going forward, the Reckoning Reward NPC will now offer name changes (30 day cool down applies) and previous event badges. This is in addition to previous paintings.
  14. Aso

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Reckoning Thanksgiving Celebration Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Reckoning will be holding an event to celebrate Thanksgiving. The event will run from Friday, November 23rd @ 6AM ET to Monday, November 26th @ 4AM ET. Event Details: Experience will be doubled for the duration of the event. You will receive the Thanksgiving 2018 event badge. You will receive the Thanksgiving 2018 event painting. Reckoning Credits (a new event currency) will drop from mobs in the world and it can be obtained by participating in official server events. This new currency can be used at the Reckoning Reward NPC. Currently, you can purchase previous event paintings at the cost of 10 Reckoning Credits each. More rewards and services will come in the future. The Reckoning Reward NPC will spawn in front of starports in Coronet, Theed, and Mos Eisley.
  15. Things have been slow going on the development front for the last month or so as I'm sure you've all noticed. After getting the last update out, I needed a little break. Part of it being burn out, the other part being life. After doing this for about four years now, one needs some downtime. I want to take this time to thank all of our staff members for their excellent work and dedication to the project. Even in my absence, Reckoning continues to flourish because of your great work. I will be getting with other staff members this week to discuss our plans going forward. I want to get development back into full swing with regular updates. Right now, the development focus will continue to be squashing existing bugs, with our second focus being merging in all of the great changes coming from the SWGEmu team, as well as new changes of our own.
  16. I just updated the forum software to version 4.3.6 which includes security updates. Please report any issues you encounter. I don't expect there should be any.
  17. Aso

    Labor Day & Patch 7 Event

    The event has been extended by one day. It will now end on Tuesday, Sept 4th @ 4AM ET. Normal server restart will not happen tomorrow, but instead on Tuesday.
  18. Reckoning Labor Day And Patch 7 Event Reckoning will be holding an event to celebrate Labor Day and the successful launch of Patch 7. The event will run from Saturday, Sept 1st @ 6AM ET to Tuesday, Sept 4th @ 4AM ET. Event Details: Experience will be doubled for the duration of the event. You will receive the Labor Day 2018 event badge. You will receive the I Survived Patch 7 Event Badge.
  19. With the latest update, Reckoning Galaxy Leaderboards have now been enabled on the website. You can find these on the main menu towards the top right of the page under "Galaxy Leaderboards". The top 30 players in PvP, Bounty Hunting, PvE, and missions completed are listed by ranking. Keep in mind, player statistic tracking was added a while after we launched, so these rankings don't include stats before the last few major updates. Stats are updated every 12 hours at 6AM ET and 6PM ET.
  20. Aso

    2018 Combined Patch Notes

    Hotfix 7.0.1 Force Ranking System [Changed] FRS experience gain will no longer be affected by the 3 day kill list restriction for PvP Rating. You'll be able to get FRS experience in subsequent kills immediately. [Fixed] When a player leaves the FRS, they will no longer be set to overt upon login. Misc [Fixed] Players can now declare residence in player salons. [Changed] Staff members can join factional chat channels regardless of their faction. [Changed] Staff members can grant zoning rights for debug purposes. Server [Added] Backend support for website leader board player statistics. [Fixed] Some memory leaks.
  21. The server will start tomorrow, 8/31/2018 @ 6AM ET to apply hotfix 7.0.1.
  22. Hotfix 7.0.1 is on the test server. Right now, the list is small, but will grow over the next few days I'm sure.
  23. Aso

    2018 Combined Patch Notes

    Patch 7.0 Profession: Architect [Added] Generic Player Salon deed. Profession: Armorsmith [Added] Shock Trooper Armor schematics. [Added] Galactic Marine Armor schematics. [Added] Crusader Mark III Armor schematics. [Added] Crusader Mark II Armor schematics. [Added] New Republic Assault Armor schematics. [Added] New Republic Battle Armor schematics. [Added] New Republic Cold Weather Armor schematics. [Added] New Republic SpecForce Armor schematics. [Added] Scout Trooper Armor schematics. [Added] Snow Trooper Armor schematics. Profession: Image Designer [Added] Place Salon command. Profession: Politician [Added] Install Bazaar command. Profession: Bounty Hunter [Changed] Fast Blast multiplier to better reflect live value. [Fixed] Fast Blast not properly dividing max damage over 3 HAM pools. Profession: Jedi [Fixed] Force Speed calculation. [Added] Force defense skill mod damage reduction to force attacks. [Fixed] Force attacks should no longer use lightsaber secondary defense modifiers for hit/miss rolls, and instead use ability accuracy vs force defense. [Fixed] Totalhealself/other to do a more powerful dot heal. [Fixed] Force Intimidate 2 area of effect range. [Fixed] Force absorb force gain calculation. [Fixed] Various force power state defense typo's. [Fixed] Jedi Resistance States rolls. [Fixed] KD/kneeling damage on initial hit of force choke. [Added] Combat spam to force choke ticks. [Changed] Adjusted force choke damage calculation. Combat [Fixed] Grenades not bypassing saberblock. [Fixed] Heavy and Heavy Consumable weapons ignoring saberblock. [Fixed] Check player access to building when attacking creatures inside. [Fixed] Posture changes while dizzy. GCW/PVP [Added] Player Bounty System. [Added] Rebel AT-XT. Obtainable through a Rebel Recruiter. [Added] Cantina Crackdowns for Corellia, Naboo, And Tatooine. [Removed] GTEF System. This may make a return in the future as a better implementation. [Changed] GCW base terminals now spawn at random locations when the vulnerability window begins and despawn at the end of the window. [Adjusted] HQ terminal positioning. [Fixed] GCW base layouts. [Fixed] GCW bases becoming bugged if the security terminal slice fails. [Fixed] Pvp rating throttle message getting sent when victim pvp rating didn't change. Force Ranking System [Added] Dark side challenge system. [Added] FRS Light side no confidence voting system. [Changed] FRS Experience gain/loss calculation is no longer effected by PvP Rating or damage contribution. Village [Changed] Village phase timer to 1 week. Down from 2 weeks. [Fixed] FS XP windows failing to close when going out of range. [Fixed] Being able to accept multiple phase 4 sarguillo quests. [Added] Option to Dageerin convos to replace an existing Radiation. [Fixed] Various dageerin issues. Padawan Trials [Fixed] Bug in spice mom padawan trial convo. Knight Trials [Fixed] Knight council choice not resetting when restarting knight. Items/Loot [Added] New armor sets from later eras of the game. (Shock Trooper, Galactic Marine, Crusader Mark III, Crusader Mark II, New Republic Assault, New Republic Battle, New Republic Cold Weather, New Republic SpecForce, Scout Trooper, and Snow Trooper.) [Changed] Backpacks can now be worn with Jedi robes. (You must unequip and re-equip your robe first.) [Changed] AA/CA titles will now show their modifiers in their names and description. [Fixed] Minimum nutrition on several chef items. [Removed] Action cost from melee pup primary stats. [Fixed] Ingredient error in Light Blaster (red) draft schematic. [Fixed] Aurilian plant showing dead when its still alive. [Fixed] Not being able to loot no trade items from corpses inside buildings. Crafting [Fixed] Factory blueprints consuming all identical single components in hopper at once. Creatures/NPCs/AI [Fixed] Axkva min guard spawns. [Fixed] Tatooine region spawn coordinates errors. [Fixed] Grovo spawn at nightsister stronghold. [Fixed] Lowland Brackaset milkType and diet. [Added] Creature Hues for Corellia, Dantooine, Dathomir, Endor, Lok, Naboo, Rori, Talus, Tatooine, and Yavin4 creatures. Player Cities/Player Structures [Added] Bazaar Terminals can now be placed in player cities. This can be done at city rank 3, 4 Bazaar Terminals max. [Added] Salons can now be placed in player cities by Master Image Designers. Deeds are craftable by Architects. [Added] Signs to all player NGE housing. [Changed] Milita members can now place a structure without having zoning rights granted. [Changed] Increased player hospitals medical rating from 100 to 120. [Changed] Structures will now show how many items are used out of a buildings max number of items. [Fixed] Player city skill trainers being able to be placed while incapacitated or dead. [Fixed] Player city skill trainers able to be placed in water. [Added] Ejection points for Corellia, Naboo, & Tatooine theaters. [Fixed] City decorations sometimes not being placeable again after being picked up. Pets [Fixed] Droid effect modules delay between 3-60 seconds. [Fixed] Pets not storing when entering enclaves. [Fixed] Player's ability to make a pet attack while player is swimming. Dungeons/Theme Parks/Quests/Missions [Added] Bounty mission payout cooldown timer. [Added] Buffer before a recently killed player bounty can appear back on terminals. [Added] Multiple changes and additions to the Bestine Election framework. [Fixed] Mark of Courage will no longer generate with serial number Chat [Added] Imperial and Rebel chat channels. [Added] Player created public channels are now logged. Misc [Added] Players will need to accept Reckoning's TOS in game whenever it is changed. [Changed] Deleted characters names can be reused within 10 minutes of deletion. [Fixed] /stoplisten not functioning without a parameter. [Changed] Increased no build zone around Jedi Enclaves. [Fixed] Sit on chairs command. [Changed] Increased max range of structure payMaintenance command. Server Improved server stability. [Fixed] Some out of bounds errors. [Fixed] Loading pause in heavily populated areas. [Changed] Various code cleanup. [Fixed] Screenplay memory storage cleanup.
  24. Aso

    Patch 7 Imminent

    Greetings Reckoning! We're finally at a point where we feel Patch 7 is ready for the live server. This patch has been tested extensively by the community, and thanks to you, we're finally ready to get this update pushed to the live server for all to enjoy. Once on the live server, we will continue to refine this update from the feedback/reports received via small hotfixes. The server will go offline on Monday, 8/27/2018 @ 1PM Eastern time to apply this patch. We will also take this time to apply some much needed Operating System updates that can't be done when the server is online. I expect all of this to take about 3 hours, but as always, I'm not going to put a hard ETA on it because unexpected issues can pop up. Preliminary Patch Notes can be found in our test server patch notes section at:
  25. Aso

    Upcoming banwave

    To add to this, its not like we sit around and enjoy banning people. We want you, your family, and roommates to enjoy playing here. It really is as easy as submitting a simple form to avoid any infraction. We've been warning of this for a few months now via multiple mediums (email, forum postings, and in-game messages), which has given people ample time to get the form submitted. Yet, we still have those that are actively playing on multiple accounts. There will be no more extensions after this one, it will be enforced.

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