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  1. Hotfix 6.0.1 Bounty Hunter [Changed] Members of a guild will no longer see a bounty mission of another guild member. Force Ranking System [Fixed] An issue with force rank maintenance not being deducted. GCW [Changed] ATST spawns in some GCW bases. Misc [Added] Recalculation in activateForceRegen when setForcePowerMax is called. [Fixed] Fixed Stability Issues.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope that you have a safe and happy day with your family today. Starting Friday, 11/24 @ 6AM ET to Monday 11/27 @ 6AMET, we will be enabling double experience for the Thanksgiving weekend event.
  3. The Galaxy Harvester update script will run at 6AM ET & 6PM ET every day.
  4. Aso

    Launcher Update

    All you need to do to get the update is to restart the launcher. It should automatically download the new version. If the launcher fails to update automatically(ie. false positives from virus protection), it can be downloaded manually from: http://patch.swgreckoning.com/launcher_patcher/Reckoning_Launcher.exe. You can then move that file to your SWG Reckoning directory, usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\SWGReckoning
  5. I have applied a small update to the launcher. Server status uptime now displays the days, hours, and minutes online. This fixes a bug with the display that was caused by the server being up over a day.
  6. This will take effect once the server successfully runs for a week. We are still in the process of finding stability issues which crash the server or deadlocks it. The longer it runs, the more successful I am at obtaining debug information.
  7. I've just made our first automatic update to Galaxy Harvester as a test. If it appears everything is working correctly, I will set it up to auto update once a day. Note: Taanab will appear in the planet list once the GH staff sees my email.
  8. The server will now restart once weekly, on Monday @ 4AM ET, barring any unforeseen crashes of course.
  9. There is a pretty major bug in relation to saber crystal recalculation making sabers completely over powered once this recalculation occurs. This bug is only affecting servers that had Jedi in place Pre-Publish 9, which is why it wasn't really known. That all said, I have come up with a workaround that will fix the problem. Bad news is, this requires a roll back to yesterday at patch time. Short of deleting everyone's hard earned sabers, this is absolutely necessary. I hate doing this, but it will help us move onto other things. So here is how this will work. If you have a Pre-Pub9 crystal, you will be given an option on its radial to retune the crystal. This must be done before inserting it into a lightsaber. Crystals inside sabers will stay as is until you remove them.
  10. Unfortunately, we may have to roll back to the start of the patch to deal with a pretty major bug in regards to sabers and pre-pub 9 pearls. I've already found the problem and I'm in contact with Miztah about it. I'm keeping the server up for the time being for testing reasons. I'm going to try to avoid a rollback, but keep in mind your progress is probably not going to stick tonight.
  11. Patch 6.0: The Reckoning Is At Hand Profession: Architect Fixed an issue with making heavy mineral miner deeds in a factory. Profession: Artisan Fixed the filling on Dustcrepe. Profession: Bio-Engineer Fixed effectiveness resists not changing during experimentation. Tissues now have the correct cover mod. Profession: Bounty Hunter NPC bounty mission targets will now travel towards a starport and travel to a different planet when they get there. Adjusted bounty droid success formula to improve success rates at higher skill mods. Droids should no longer sometimes report incorrect distances. Profession: Droid Engineer Droids made in factories should no longer lose their modules after removal from the crate. Droids with no power can no longer function as crafting stations. Crafting station modules no longer allow a player to experiment when crafting with a generic crafting tool. Recharging droids now heals their battle fatigue. Detonation droids should now detonate properly. Detonation droids now do their 10 second warmup when called instead of when ordered to detonate. Droids with harvest modules will now always harvest when set to auto harvest instead of only working if their owner was the group leader. Profession: Entertainer Added group xp bonus. Added xp bonuses for audience response. Fixed flourish xp to diminish over time when no new flourishes are performed. Profession: Image Designer Fixed some customization details not getting updated properly. Profession: Medic/Doctor/Combat Medic Healing and buffing now properly take into account the target's battle fatigue. Tend wound now accepts parameters to specify which attribute to heal. Profession: Merchant Fixed the intervals for warning and deletion of empty vendors. Profession: Politician City Decorations can no longer be placed within no build zones (such as near POIs). Profession: Ranger/Scout Camouflage no longer checks constantly causing it to break prematurely. Rangers can now remove camouflage from themselves. Rangers can now get scouting xp from concealing other players. Camo kit crafting now uses camouflage skill for assembly/experimentation. Fixed the layout of some camps. Camouflage now only works on the planet where it was applied. Area Track now gives the correct direction when the ranger or target is indoors. Fixed the duration of camouflage and added an animation to it's application. Profession: Rifleman Sniper shot should work correctly now. Profession: Smuggler Slicing a weapon with a powerup on it will now destroy the powerup. Profession: Squad Leader Group skill mods now persist properly on group members instead of falling off after 5 minutes. Group skill mods are now added/removed/updated on group members properly when needed (SL trains/surrenders a skill, faction and faction status changes, travel, player bounty combat, SL death/incapacitation/revival, SL leaving group). Profession: Weaponsmith Fixed the stock component slot on DH17 carbines to be optional instead of required. Combat Fixed the color of some combat log entries. Mobs will now use secondary defenses. Only one pool can now be wounded per attack instead of each pool having a separate chance on each attack. Auto attacks now have the same min range calculation as enqueued attacks. DOT absorption now functions properly. Fixed some instances where a player can get stuck in a feigned death state. Food damage mitigation now applies after armor mitigation. Wookiee roar no longer goes on cooldown if the target is out of range when used. Secondary targets of AoE/cone attacks will now properly give the attacker a TEF where appropriate. Combat damage vs. targets vulnerable to the damage type will no longer change when the target's regular resists are reduced. Attacks that add a DoT will no longer add the DoT to a corpse if the attack kills the target. GCW/PVP Added Group TEF for Bounty Hunter Vs Jed. A TEF flag will now always be present when you have any kind of PvP TEF. Players must now be Special Forces in order to delegate faction points. Player names now properly flash while changing faction status. Planetary control scores are now updated hourly instead of in real time (the winner was already updated hourly which caused some confusion when the scores changed but the winner hadn't updated yet). Fixed some issues with /delegate when the target is at or near their faction point cap. PvP TEF now also blocks entry to player city civic structures. A base's security terminal can now be properly repaired after a failed slice. Faction bases now have an explosion animation when destroyed. A player's faction insignia will now only show to opposite faction and neutral players if they have a TEF or are Overt. Force Ranking System Added Petitioning, Voting, And Demotion to the FRS. Current Force Ranked Jedi will be reset to rank 0 with this update. FRS experience will be maintained. Improvements to FRS modifier calculations. Items/Loot Droid repair kits can once again be used by any player. Food/drink that apply their affect as a reaction to an external event will now properly have a default duration of 60 minutes. Fixed factory run times. Looted weapons will no longer have skill mods for other weapon types. The Two-Handed Axe now has it's correct armor piercing. Added the Eyes of Mesra to loot. Fixed the max crate size for many items when created in a factory. Exceptional and Legendary items can now drop from any level enemy. Increased the chance for skill mods and dots to be found on looted items. Exceptional and legendary items now have a much greater chance to have skill mods and/or dots on them than standard loot. Poison and disease resist buff pack Cs now bestow their absorption mod. Fixed the armor piercing on Nightsister Energy Lances. Clothing/armor's name now turns yellow after an attachment is added. New BE enhanced clothing will have a yellow name. Weapons with DoTs and looted items with skill mods will have a yellow name. Creatures/NPCs/AI Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to not be able to see spatial chat from an NPC. Philosophers will now respond when conversed with. Fixed a creature area attack that wasn't properly an area attack. Added proper AI pathfinding within the world and from the world into a building. Some dynamically spawned NPCs will now have a random mood set. NPCs will no longer sometimes spawn with a weapon in hand that they'll never use. Added proper random name generation for droids. Fixed AI now uses height in it's aggro distance calculation and will no longer sometimes aggro from too far away in hilly locations. Fixed some instances where corpses would talk. When a mob leashes for moving too far away from it's home location, any DoTs on it will be removed. Spawns/World Updated some newbie spawns to be non-aggressive. Fixed it so that mobs that spawn together in the same dynamic spawn will never fight each other. Easy and Medium spawn zones around cities will now only spawn mobs from their respective spawn list instead of also spawning things from the world spawner. Non-trainer NPCs that have the appearance of a trainer no longer register on the planetary map as a trainer. NPCs that are indoors now register on the planetary map (trainers, junk dealers). Added a few junk dealers that were missing. The names of some outposts on the map have been fixed. Added crafting contractors' functionality. Fixed some lairs on Yavin IV that weren't spawning their boss mobs. Added a couple wild spawns that were missing. The Nightsister Stronghold cave's spawns are now more accurate to live. Axkva Min now calls for assistance when engaged. Planets Added the planet Taanab. (Credits to Takhomasak) Pets Squad Leader buffs should now be able to affect pets. Healing of pets now conforms to the same faction status rules as healing of players. Pets can now sit or lie down in response to certain emotes. Pets capable of sitting down will now do their sit trick animation when performing a trick. Pets and vehicles can no longer be stored while their owner is in combat or dead. Events/Dungeons/Theme Parks/Quests Added the Village Jedi progression system. This includes everything from unlocking glowing, the village and the Padawan Trials. Current Jedi will have access to the village and its quests. Added the Corellian Corvette dungeon and associated quests and loot. Added the Nightsister Stronghold tasks. Added the Singing Mountain Clan tasks. Added Bardo Klinj task. Added Brennis Doore task. Added Captain Eso task. Added Crev Bombaasa task. Added CX-425 tasks. Added Dalla Solo task. Added Damalia Korde task. Added Dannik Malaan task. Added Denell Kel Vannon task. Added Dilvin Lormurojo task. Added Durgur Pyne task. Added Ebenn Q3 Baobab task. Added Gravin Attal task. Added Green Laser task. Added Grobber and Zekka Thyne tasks. Added Grondorn Muse task. Added Ignar Ominaz task. Added Jazeen Thurmm task. Added Joz Jodhul task. Added Jusani Zhord task. Added Kritus Morven task. Added Lethin Bludder task. Added Megan Dr'lar task. Added Rep Been task. Added Scolex Grath task. Added Serj-X Arrogantus task. Added Skinkner task. Added Venthan Chassu task. Added Vinya Maysor and Karrek Flim tasks. Added Vraker Orde tasks. Added Warden Vinzel Haylon task. Added Yith Seenath task. Added the rest of Gilker Budz' tasks. Talon Karrde no longer has tasks for players, instead his lieutenant Zakarisz Ghent now does. Targets for themepark/task quests will now only spawn once the player is close to their location. Added some missing conversation options to some themepark/task givers and targets. When speaking to a themepark/task quest giver while having another quest underway, the giver will now have the option to quit their current task. Escorts will now stop if a player gets too far away and will require the player to converse with them to continue. Added the heralds for the geonosian lab (including the one that also acts as a junk dealer for the geo relics). Added some other heralds that were missing. Fixed the mark of intellect quest to properly require the player to have spoken to the hermit first. The mark of altruism quest now properly requires completion of the hermit's pre-quest. Fixed the blumbush painting schematic so that the Bestine Museum Curator will actually give it to a player that purchases it. Death Watch Bunker security waves will now despawn after 5 minutes if not killed. DWB security waves now trigger on damage instead of on a timer. DWB security waves now path through their rooms looking for intruders. Misc Increased the amount of missions a player can have from 2 to 4. Added several system messages that were missing. Fixed some structure commands that sometimes tried to target a structure other than the player's target. Fixed the /emptymail command to properly delete mail. The /find command will now draw it's yellow path when used within static cities. Fixed moods that weren't setting their proper animation. Added species xp bonuses. Added the race droid player event perk. Added the scavenger droid player event perk. Fixed some player event perks that could not be re-deeded. Lotto droids no longer break after a server restart. Server Improved server auto restart. Resource Spawns will be updated to Galaxy Harvester twice a day. At 6AM ET & 6PM ET. Improved server status display. Will now display when the sever is down, loading, or locked. Improved server stability. Fixed some memory leaks. Made many server performance optimizations. Added a much more graceful server shutdown procedure.
  12. The server is back online. As always, bugs and problems can be reported via our ticket system.
  13. The server is now offline while we update to Patch 6. This could take some time, so as of now, there is no definitive ETA. During this downtime, the website and teamspeak will also have intermittent outages as we apply updates to the OS. Discord is always available. I'll post any important updates here.
  14. Reminder: The server will be going offline in about 30 minutes.
  15. The launcher has been updated. If the launcher fails to update automatically(ie. false positives from virus protection), it can be downloaded manually from: patch.swgreckoning.com/launcher_patcher/Reckoning_Launcher.exe. You can then move that file to your SWG Reckoning directory, usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\SWGReckoning Note: High Resolution & UI tre files will be uploaded to the patch server shortly for download.
  16. On Monday, 11/13/2017 We will be pushing a new launcher update. Changes: The launcher will now display up to date news directly pulled from our announcement section on the forum. Added dedicated configuration window to the launcher. Clicking on Configure will open this up. Moved the option to enable or disable launcher sound to the configuration window. Added option to enable high resolution textures. This option can be found in the configuration window. Added option to enable the Pixel Perfect UI. This option can be found in the configuration window. Credits to ShadowFox for the High Resolution textures and Pixel Perfect UI. On Tuesday, 11/14/2017 We will be pushing Patch 6 (Publish 9) to the live server. I expect to take the server down around noon eastern time. This update requires some backend changes on CentOS 7, so I can not give an ETA on the downtime involved here. Patch notes will be posted in https://swgreckoning.com/forumdisplay.php?4-Patch-Notes when I take the server offline.
  17. I know this has been a highly requested feature and will be coming with Publish 9. Galaxy Harvester will be updated twice a day. SWGCraft will follow once I ask them to pull the data from Galaxy Harvester automatically.
  18. Should Player Cities Be Able To Be Built On Adventure Planets?
  19. Aso

    New Planets

    I've always said that If we add new armor, it'd be in line with Pre-CU. If anything, you could look at it as giving players more armor appearance options. I wouldn't go much further than that.
  20. Aso

    New Planets

    Of course a new planet will have new content, An empty planet would be no fun at all. As to player houses on the new planets, that's undecided at this time. This is more of me gathering the feel of the community on the subject. I know some think the game should remain pure, while others would love to see something like this. Further decisions and details will be hashed out if we move forward on this. I'd be eying adding something like this for either Publish 9 or shortly afterwards.
  21. Aso

    New Planets

    There is some really impressive work being done over at Mod The Galaxy regarding bringing in new planets to the base game. Its always been easy to recolor Rori and edit snapshot files and call it a new planet like other servers have done, but the work that's going on over there is far beyond that. My question to the community is, would new planets be something that you''d be interested in seeing here on Reckoning?
  22. Why Donate? Running a server gets expensive when you factor in all of the associated costs. Donating offsets those costs, so that we can continue to provide a great Star Wars Galaxies experience for the community. All donations, big or small, are highly appreciated. All donations go directly to paying the expenses broken down below. Reckoning Expenses OVH Dedicated Server: $186.00 a month / $2232.00 a year Domain Name: $6.00 a month / $72.00 a year Invision Community Forum Software: $10.00 a month / $120.00 a year Total Costs: $202.00 a month / $2424.00 a year
  23. Yep, that's because this is an old thread. I'm going to close out the old polls so there's no confusion.
  24. I wanted to get community opinion on automatic resource submission to SWGCraft (http://www.swgcraft.org). This would include the resource name, type, and stats. Planet or specific location would not be provided. I'm thinking this submission would occur daily so its kept up to date. Good idea, or bad? I see both sides. Discuss below, I want your opinion!

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