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  1. Aso

    Player Bounties

    I reopened the poll due to expiration. I'd really like to get more people to vote on a addition such as this. I know odds are in favor, but 34 votes is not a good representation of the entire community. Tell your friends and guild members to vote!
  2. Oh. I completely agree. That's why I'm focusing on balance in the next update. A lot of the stuff from default code is not right or implemented out of the box. Jedi being a great example. If you look at recent commits over there, a lot of stuff is now just being done. Which of course complicates my job of making what we've already done work with the newer stuff. A lot of merge conflicts and rewrites to be done. The next update is going to take some major testing to say the least.
  3. Aso

    Player Bounties

    Thanks for elaborating. First, there can only be one bounty on one person at a time, just as with Jedi now. The person wont even get the option to place a bounty if the killer is already on the terms. As to the BH picking up their alts missions, there's already a system in place to stop that. Alt missions don't appear on the terminal as is. I did this a while ago because we had BH's clearing their Jedi from the terms.
  4. Aso

    Player Bounties

    If this does end up being implemented, look at it as a trial run. If it ends up being a bad system, we can just turn it off. I'm making the whole thing configurable, so it really will be as easy as changing playerBountySystemEnabled = true to false.
  5. Aso

    Player Bounties

    If you're worried about it being exploited in some way, state what your worried about. That way I can alleviate concerns or make it better in the end. Just saying your worried doesn't help me know what about. As to others posts, it will be BH only as it is now. I just don't see much point in taking what Bounty Hunters very job is and allowing everyone to do it.
  6. Aso

    Player Bounties

    Word on the street is that there should be a test on this soon after this poll expires if voted yes on. Code is done, just awaiting approval.
  7. Aso

    Player Bounties

    I also want to note that great thought will go into making Jedi more lucrative to hunt vs normal player bounties. One thing I don't want to do is take away from the original visibility system in any way. I still want that to be the main focus of any bounty hunting that takes place.
  8. Aso

    Player Bounties

    This poll is to gauge community interest in a player bounty system that's separate from the Jedi visibility bounty system. This system would give you the option of placing a bounty on the head of another player who kills you in PvP combat. Before voting, please read the example so you know what's being proposed: Please discuss in the following thread, since there is already a discussion going on about the subject of player bounties: http://swgreckoning.com/showthread.php?1158-Player-Bounties-for-PvP-kills&p=6116#post6116
  9. As of right now, Jedi Vs Bounty hunter fights are a 1v1 ordeal. Of course, unless they are Overt or City TEF'd. The Jedi and BH do not gain a normal TEF from each other in combat. My question is this, do we move towards a more legitimate true to Live type TEF situation, where a normal TEF will be applied to the player once they initiate combat? More or less, it will be the same as it is now, only difference is being able to be attacked by outside forces. While being able to be attacked is one side of the coin, the other is being able to defend a group member or friend from an attacker, instead of just watching helplessly as they are slaughtered mercilessly. What say you!
  10. Indeed, going off the theoretical example above. Once voted on, numbers can be finalized if we end up going that way. It may only just be force regen that's increased. Numbers and stats are just an example at this time.
  11. It wouldn't be an additional 375. It would be an additional 125 with Council Member robes over current values.
  12. One thing I thought that never made much sense was the fact that all the different Jedi Robes all have the same stats. Currently, all robes from Padawan to Council Member all give the same stats of: +250 Force Power Max and +10 Force Regen. Right now, the robes only give you the benefit of, hey look at me! What do you guys think of small incremental increases to each robe, as you rank up: Example: Padawan Robe: +250 Force Power Max and +10 Force Regen Knight Robe: +275 and +12 Force Regen Jedi Sentinel Robe / Dark Jedi Enforcer Robe : +300 and +14 Force Regen Jedi Consular Robe / Dark Jedi Templar Robe: +325 and +16 Force Regen Jedi Arbiter Robe / Dark Jedi Oppressor Robe: +350 and +18 Force Regen Jedi Council Member Robe / Dark Jedi Council Member Robe: +375 and +20 Force Regen The above values are just examples, not set in stone numbers. I'm posting this poll to get community opinion on the idea itself.
  13. Reckoning uses the Pre Pub 13 TEF PvP System and a custom player city alignment system. With our TEF system, you have one of two statuses that you can choose from after joining a faction: Covert (Undercover), Or Overt (Special Forces). General FAQ: What is TEF? A TEF, or Temporary Enemy Flag is gained by performing a combat related factional action. Players with TEF are vulnerable to attack from the opposing faction and can not enter buildings for five minutes. Each subsequent combat related factional action will renew the 5 minute timer. What is City TEF? A City TEF, or City Temporary Enemy Flag is gained by entering a player city aligned with a faction. Players with a City TEF are vulnerable to attack from the opposing faction but are still able to enter buildings. If a player with City TEF begins combat with an opposing faction player, the player will gain a normal TEF and no longer be able to enter buildings. City TEFs are removed upon leaving the city. How do I know if a player city is aligned with a faction? Faction alignment is clearly marked for each player city on all maps. You are also given a warning upon entering a player city of the opposing faction. TEF gain and statuses explained: While Covert: Opposing faction NPC's are attackable, but not aggressive to Covert players. Covert players will gain a TEF from attacking opposing faction NPCs. Covert players will gain a TEF from attacking Overt, TEFd, or City TEFd players. Covert players will gain a TEF from healing an Overt, TEFd, or City TEFd player. Covert players will gain a City TEF from entering a player city aligned with an opposing faction. Covert players can NOT be attacked by opposing faction players unless TEF'd. While Overt: Factional NPC's are attackable and aggressive to Overt players. Overt players will gain a TEF from attacking opposing faction NPCs. Overt players will gain a TEF from attacking Overt, TEFd, or City TEFd players. Overt players will gain a TEF from healing an Overt, TEFd, or City TEFd player. Overt players will gain a City TEF from entering a player city aligned with an opposing faction. Overt players are attackable by ALL opposing faction players.
  14. Housing limits were already increased. Its set up to go by lot size, so If we up the limits, the bunker would go up in lot size. In hindsight, I should of made the bunker 5 lots when I originally increased house storage. It is a big house...
  15. Aso

    Combat Visibility

    More people need to vote lol.
  16. Aso

    Combat Visibility

    For now, it is set to once per combat state. It might be changed depending on this poll.
  17. Aso

    Combat Visibility

    Ok, I'm adding the visibility improvements either tonight or tomorrow. Right now, I have it set up to increase visibility once per combat state if you are spotted. That means it will not increase again until you have left combat, then entered combat again. My question to the community is this, should visibility increase be once per combat state, or should it continually increase until the Jedi leaves combat.
  18. Welcome to SWG Reckoning! We are happy that you have decided to re-live the greatest saga ever told with us. If you're venturing into this part of the forum you're either just checking it out or maybe you're interested in joining the SWG Reckoning Staff! The SWG Reckoning Staff is an all volunteer group that is headed by the server's founder and primary developer Aso. If you're interested in joining the SWG Reckoning Staff please use the application template below and send your application to Aso in the form of a private message. Please include the relevant information requested and understand that response times may vary depending on several factors, including that thing called "real life". All jobs and duties will be posted for reference and the positions will include their status either: [OPEN] which means we are currently accepting applications or [CLOSED] which, naturally means we aren't actively accepting applications. If a position is closed and you are interested please do not hesitate to send in an application and we might pursue it further if we believe you are the right fit! Name: Account name: Character(s) on SWG Reckoning: Age: Location and Timezone: Brief SWG History: Where you played, what professions you played, what interested you about SWG, why you continue to play a decade old game, etc. Position applying for: Experience related to position: Why do you want to be a member of the SWG Reckoning Staff?: Availability:
  19. I was thinking something along those lines. Current is: Small: 2 Lots Medium: 2 Lots Large: 5 Lots Guild Hall: 5 Lots The above does not make much sense in my opinion. I was thinking more like: Small: 2 Lots Medium: 3 Lots Large: 4 Lots Guild Hall: 5 Lots I want to get feedback on the proposed change to the lots, so feel to comment.
  20. Yeah I'm leaning toward that one also. The NGE Houses would follow the same scheme depending on their size.
  21. Or I'm thinking: Small House: 250, Medium House: 500, Large House: 750, Guild Hall: 1000 Like I said, I don't want to go too wild. Those kind of numbers are still a great jump up from what it is now.
  22. Knock on wood, I've never seen a stack of resources just go poof.
  23. The NGE houses will scale just as the normal houses will.
  24. They are currently set to: Small House: 150, Medium House: 150, Large House: 250, Guild Hall: 250 I don't want to get too crazy with the values, here's what I'm thinking: Small House: 250, Medium House: 500, Large House: 1000, Guild Hall: 1500

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