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  1. LOL I have no use for Kiirium I am a chef!!!! Lordy do I go through resources though between BE for the tissues then chef for the additve that is 2 days then making the foods is rough.
  2. Well, darn it, speak up! Yeah I have been taking up as much as I can. I just put more on the tubers rofl have over 30 now. Nah n0t worried just trying to recoup my coffers with good stuff. I have had better than this but it will be the best I have.
  3. I pretty much find my own and I am one who buys 8 lots to put 40 or 50 on something after all my lots are gone. I survey or check GH or hear something in general chat and go running to find it. Since I was the only person making food for a while my resources were getting low and I needed to put that many. I think right now I have about 30 on the tubers and 30 on something else and several on the doonium for our AS/WS and hand harvesting also.
  4. I can attest to this one above!!! I usually do not come out of the house though. Was just helping a low level jedi with force for a bit.
  5. Ibispe

    Player Bounties

    I would be afraid of someone taking advantage of this as well after thinking about it some.
  6. I believe that BH should be able to take jedi mssions and Jury, I had been told you were after Violet the other day and that is why I did not come out. I was actually there to help her if she needed it. Did not realize you had my mission until the droid attacked me in which case I could no longer come down off the roof. I am nowhere near ready to be fighting just yet but getting close. I don't mind losing if I can give a good fight which at present I cannot and Jury you should know that. Am getting better so soon folks!
  7. I understand that new players do not make enough to really tip well for Doctors or entertainers but eventually they will and I think that this will eventually even out. Yes we do need more doctors and we do need more completed entertainers for buffs but you know in the beginning we did not have those things anyway and we made do. In Live, we were only allowed 1 toon and IF that one became a jedi, we got a second slot. We were forced to depend on one another and we forged some really neat arrangements and in fact I made some lifelong friends from this. While I think that having 1 toon is to much as there are so many avenues to explore, but 8, in my eyes, is too many. I dunno, I am going to just use a few for now and if I can do without, so be it.
  8. I kind of felt the same way but a lot are upset that certain ones cannot be found. It is a new server so some people are still working on theirs which makes sense to me and we just have to be patient and let them level. I can undestand their frustration though and have tried to help with my Entertainer.
  9. Actually a good point. I am thinking that I am stopping now and will likely delete one anyway. I only get on Cuini when there is a need for her to make room for working on others and the only reason I have one is another hand harvester.
  10. i kind of agree that it needs to be lessened but not to 2 for the reason Priam brought up. More people will be joining and will see where there is a need and cover it. It gives them something to really do that they like. Since most people already have more than 2 I would rather see 4 or 5 then they could keep that many but still leave an area for new people. I am kind of against 8 for the Bloodfin fiasco. I do not want to see that happen here on this server.
  11. Whoever placed an 8 character there thank you!
  12. yeah, I should have put that but have no idea how to change that now. Aso, can you change to have an 8 character as well?
  13. We need to increase the economy on this server but everyone is self sufficient as they can have up to 8 toons. I would like to see possibly 5 as the highest amount of toons you could have.
  14. Yes, would be more storage also BUT, will that cause a problem with the stability having more to "babysit"?
  15. I worry about having enough space on my BE since Generics do not stack and neither do samples. Would be nice on CM though and artisan.
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