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  1. We are aware of certain tre files not downloading during update or installation. If you run into this issue please post a ticket so we can address the issue with a work around. A fix for the patcher will be coming soon-ish. Thank you for your patience.
  2. I've been hit with this question quite a bit. "How do I unlock Jedi EQ?" There has been a lot of misinformation regarding unlocking on the server. Even from Staff. So let me give you the official statement regarding our unlock system: This is taken directly from our "about us" page located here: https://swgreckoning.com/about/ The unlock system on the server has changed several times over the years and may continue to change without notice. The only people who can visibly read the unlock script are myself, and @Aso. So let me state it officially now: With that in mind, please stop spreading the misinformation, and self validating, that we require badges, are like "live", or retail, or Basilisk. Our unlock system is unique to Reckoning, and to Reckoning only. I normally would not post this as an announcement/dev update but the misinformation has gotten entirely out of hand.
  3. There is an issue with the launcher. We are aware of this. Even though we are aware, still file a bug ticket in support so we can track everything. Fix will be incoming. In the mean time a small work around: launch, update, close and then run swgreckoning.exe from the folder. We will patch as soon as we can.
  4. Community meetings sun 8/30/2020 and mon 8/31/2020 both are 4pm PST/7pm EST. We are having two meetings to accommodate for people in case they can not make the first one. Any notes taken will also be touched on in the second meeting. Both meetings are expected to be no longer than 1 hour. Question/Answer format will utilize and in channel queue system embed in the twitch stream. Twitch stream be broadcast on EQSanctum's twitch channel. https://www.twitch.tv/eqsanctum
  5. shadowfox

    Community Meeting

    Community meeting will take place at 4pm PST/7pm EST at eqsanctum's twitch channel. Will post in the discord Devupdates channel. This will be held on two different days in case people miss the first one.
  6. shadowfox

    Community Meeting

    Community meeting will take place at 4pm PST/7pm EST at eqsanctum's twitch channel. Will post in the discord Devupdates channel. This will be held on two different days in case people miss the first one.
  7. Hotfix 7.0.2 Force Ranking System [Changed] Bounty Hunters that have a FRS Jedi's mission will now grant the Jedi FRS experience upon the Bounty Hunter's death. Server [Fixed] Stability Issue. [Fixed] FRS Manager loading the wrong values.
  8. Hotfix 6.0.2 Bounty Hunter [Fixed] An issue with Bounty Hunters being aggressive and attackable before attacking their target. Force Ranking System [Fixed] An issue where FRS experience was not being properly rewarded or deducted. GCW [Disabled] Field faction change popup upon attacking a player. This should not have been popping up with our TEF system. Misc [Fixed] An issue where double experience was applying to Jedi experience loss. [Fixed] Fixed more stability issues.
  9. until

    The time is under the title in this thread. Also the time shown there is whatever your time zone is. So if you have not set your time zone in your profile, you might want to.
  10. until
    Voip and text community meeting streamed over twitch.
  11. [h=2]Patch Notes 12/29/2016, Hotfix 5.4.1[/h]Hotfix 5.4.1 Combat [Fixed] An issue with the Force Run, Intimidate, Stun, and Feign Death damage divisor removal.
  12. [h=2]Patch Notes 12/20/2016, Patch 5.4[/h]Patch 5.4 Force Ranking System [Added] All missing FRS modifiers for powers, enhancer, and healer. All modifiers should now be implemented [Changed] Force Power Max now uses the correct modifiers to calculate max force power for each FRS rank [Changed] Force Rank Experience will no longer be divided among group members, members will receive the full experience if they participate in the kill. [Adjusted] FRS Kill Log further enhanced [Changed] Force Ranking System's Maintenance has been halved: [Changed] Force Rank Experience Gain and Loss: Profession: Jedi [Changed] Jedi Enhancer skills (besides Force Run) are now toggleable [Changed] Force Regeneration to be closer to 14.1 [Changed] Adjusted several non-Jedi skills that cannot be used when a lightsaber is equipped [Fixed] Force Intimidate is now working as intended [Adjusted] Several Force Power damage ranges and state modifiers to be more accurate of 14.1 emulation [Fixed] Issues with Force Choke's strength [Added] Posture impact on Force Choke's strength Profession: Carbineer [Fixed] Issues with Carbineer damage modifiers Profession: Squad Leader [Changed] Squad Leader buff area changed to 192m (You must be within 192m of the group members in order to benefit from Squad Leader buffs.) Note this down from 256m Profession: Politician [Changed] Increased politician experience to 500 per citizen vote Spawns [Added] Updated static spawns of several high-end mobs to be more accurate emulation of 14.1 Galactic Civil War [Changed] The maximum number of bases per planet has been lowered from 35 to 25 [Changed] Edited turret damage values to be more accurate of 14.1 emulation [Edited] Several spawns on PvP and PvE bases Vendors [Adjusted] Increased bazaar item listing time to 30 days. [Adjusted] Increased player vendor listing time to 60 days. [Adjusted] Increased bazaar max item listing to 50 items. [Adjusted] Increased max bazaar item price to 100000. [Adjusted] Increased max items per page to 200 items. Vehicles Players can now have up to 8 vehicles in their datapad. Loot [increased] Named color crystal drop chance to be on par with normal color crystals Server/Misc [Fixed] A few possible stability issues [Changed] The server will now restart every other day at 4AM EST. This will be increased once we assess possible stability and memory leak issues that may result. We're aiming for one restart a week.
  13. [h=2]Patch Notes 11/28/2016, Patch 5.3[/h]Patch 5.3 Force Ranking System [Fixed] An issue where force cost reduction was not properly calculating with the dark frs modifier while using Force Armor I, Force Armor II, Force Shield I, & Force Shield II. [Fixed] An issue where damaging force powers damage was not calculating properly based on the light and dark modifiers. [Added] FRS power modifier to force choke ticks. [Fixed] An issue where FRS force pool increase was not calculating when equipping or unequipping a robe. [Added] All FRS kills are now logged to aid staff members in tracking fight clubbing. Loot [Disabled] Useless, non functional SEAs from dropping. (If I missed some, please let me know!) Server/Misc [Fixed] An issue with the base SWGEmu code that did not allow badge IDs above 159.
  14. [h=2]Patch Notes 6/15/2016, Patch 5.2[/h]Patch 5.2 Items [Fixed] The Domestic Arts drink Jaar now functions properly. [Fixed] Vehicles not disabling when reaching 0 health. [Fixed] Vehicles from using secondary defenses. Weapons [Fixed] Light lightning canon animations. Droids/Pets [Fixed] Droid effects module stopping after one effect. [Fixed] Droids with low power still granting their installed crafting benefits to the owner. Misc/Server [Fixed] Stability Issues x 8.
  15. [h=2]Patch Notes 5/25/2016, Hotfix 5.1.1[/h]Hotfix 5.1.1 Jedi Unlock System [Fixed] Another small issue with Jedi trainer assignment. Pets/Droids [Fixed] An issue causing socket clusters not to apply during crafting.
  16. [h=2]Patch Notes 5/23/2016, Patch 5.1[/h]Patch 5.1 Force Ranking System [Added] Players will now be pushed back if they try to enter an enclave that they are not a member of. [Fixed] An issue causing FRS voting terminals not to display their radial options. [Changed] FRS voting terminals are now spawned into the world via .tre snapshot file. [Fixed] FRS force bonus not being properly calculated when a player gains or loses a rank. [Added] A check on login that will ensure FRS force bonus is properly calculated for the player. Buffs [Fixed] Dot absorption modifier now functions properly. GCW/Faction [Fixed] A missing bountyLock check that was allowing heals when it shouldn't of.
  17. [h=2]Patch Notes 5/22/2016, Hotfix 5.0.3[/h]Hotfix 5.0.3 Combat [Fixed] Auto attack queue messages Buffs [Fixed] Dot absorption modifier now functions properly. Pet/Droids [Fixed?] Droids sometimes losing their modules. Items [Fixed] Crafted filling stats for Chef's dustcrepe food. GCW/Faction [Fixed] Overt or TEFd pets being healable by opposing Overt or TEFd players.
  18. [h=2]Patch Notes 5/17/2016, Hotfix 5.0.2[/h]Hotfix 5.0.2 Profession: Jedi [Fixed] Channel Force buff is now hard capped at 3 minutes. Each time its reapplied, it will renew for 3 minutes instead of adding to the remaining time of the previous use. Cities [Changed] The cloning box will now clearly display if the cloner is in a city that is aligned with the opposing faction. Items [Fixed]An error with the ATAT, ATST, and Bantha event perks that caused them not to generate from their deed. Quests [Fixed] An issue where the Knight Trial counter would not properly update when killing a trial creature. Misc/Server [Fixed] Issues with Galaxy chat having a space in its name. It's been renamed to General. All players will need to rejoin the General channel. [Fixed] A possible stability issue.
  19. [h=2]Patch Notes 5/15/2016, Hotfix 5.0.1[/h]Hotfix 5.0.1 Profession: Jedi [Added] Adjusted channel force tick time. [Fixed] FRS experience not being reward to Jedi. [Fixed] Jedi visibility gain from humanoids. [Fixed] Equipping robes in front of humanoids or players will now grant visibility again.
  20. [h=2]Patch Notes 5/13/2016, Patch 5.0[/h]Patch 5.0 Profession: Bio Engineer [Fixed] DNA sampling failure/aggro should now properly remove Mask Scent & Camo. Profession: Brawler [Fixed] Intimidate no longer stacks with itself. Profession: Commando [Fixed] FireHeavyWeapon animation. Profession: Creature Handler [Added] The Creature Taming Bonus skill mod. [Changed] Pet training success formula to be more forgiving to lower skilled creature handlers. Profession: Dancer/Musician [Fixed] Experience gain values in the tre files. (Thanks ShadowFox!) Profession: Entertainer [Fixed] BandFlourish will now correctly assign xp to only the initiator. Profession: Jedi [Changed] Adjusted all damaging force powers for players to help with balance. [Fixed] Saberslash 1/2 animation. [Fixed] Force Intimidate now properly works on creatures/mobs. [Fixed] Force Intimidate2 splash damage functionality. [Added] Force intimidate1/2 chain animation. [Fixed] Force regen after being healed from incap. [Fixed] SaberSlash1/2 bleeds. [Fixed] Saber combo hits pool multipliers. [Fixed] Saber 1h Combo attacks now randomly splits it's damage multiplier between it's pools. [Fixed] Regain Consciousness messages and debuffs. [Changed] Jedi lightsaber attack-specials no longer cost HAM. [Fixed] Jedi trainer generation when becoming a Padawan. [Fixed] Corrected force sensitive xp conversion. [Fixed] Dervish2 and Phantom attacks now use the default melee weapon range. The cone of the attacks extends to 24m. Profession: Marksman [Fixed] PointBlankArea1 to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1. Profession: Medic [Added] 60 second grogginess (-100 HAM) debuff to revive. [Fixed] Quick Heal to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1. Profession: Ranger [Fixed] Improper double-message with Ranger conceal check. [Added] Missing flytext messages for 2 Ranger traps. Profession: Smuggler [Added] Feign Death Skill and required checks. [Fixed] Slicing armor with negative encumbrance will no longer increase the value. [Fixed] Slicing xp values to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1. Profession: Squadleader [Fixed] SL Buffs now properly factor TEF when checking if a player is eligible to receive the buff. Combat [Fixed] Combat state not clearing on player death. [Fixed] Spill over damage being added to flytext. [Fixed] Attack command queueing incorrectly. [Fixed] Dots sometimes not ticking when they should. [Fixed] AOE's now animate only towards the intended target. [Fixed] Animation CRCs for all melee abilities to correctly use PCD/KD animations. [Fixed] State only attacks not playing their animations [Fixed] Weapon fire dots will now tick wounds at 1/5th the rate of the HAM damage. [Fixed] Players can no longer attack mobs behind locked doors. [Fixed] Attack animation not firing when target is incapaciated or dead. [Fixed] Incapaciation animation and timer is now correctly synced with the client. [Fixed] Combat dives/evasive rolls no longer snap the player back into position. [Changed] Some commands to be properly delayed by Warcry. [Fixed] The main defender will now always be at the front of the list. Players [Fixed] Cloning invisible bug. [Added] Decay report when a player clones. [Added] New character starting email. [Fixed] Teleporting into a cell will now pre-load the terrain around it. [Fixed] Moving a pet deed out of inventory mid sample no longer prevents additional sample attempts. [Fixed] Players will no longer be invulnerable when logging in while still LD. [Fixed] A player's action queue is now cleared when they are set LD. [Fixed] Players will no longer auto attack while LD. [Fixed] Logout now correctly removes a players character from the world. [Fixed] CTD while cloning holding a mission with an NULL waypoint [Added] 6 month expiration to player mail. [Fixed] Some issues with the gallop command. [Fixed] Deleted players mail not being deleted from the database. [Fixed] Deleted players waypoints not being deleted from the database. [Fixed] Hair object in inventory after image design session. [Added] Redesigned name generator for players. Creatures & NPCs [Fixed] Attack-templates for PVE Force using npcs. [Added] Quest symbol above some quest givers heads if they have a quest for you. [Changed] Adjusted one of the rifles used by Dark Troopers. [Added] Much larger variation in default attack animations. [Removed] The Brawler attack intimidate from all NPC templates . [Added] Animation CRCs for creature special attacks. [Fixed] Creatures not playing their attack animations. [Fixed] No more zombie creatures when incap/killing with indirect damage. [Fixed] AI Creatures no longer instantly stand after posture changes. [Fixed] NPCs sometimes attacking their own faction's turrets. [Changed] Reduced exceptional/legendary loot chances for higher level mobs. [Added] Naboo rescue heralds and kidnapped nobles. [Fixed] AI should no longer aggro players through locked doors. [Added] LUA template for Blastromech spawn and locations. [Changed] Various NPC mob loot tables to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1. [Added] Black Sun mobs on Rori for eventual implementation of Secrets of the Syren quest. [Fixed] Some missing spawns across the galaxy. [Changed] Some NPC mob weapon groups/templates to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1. [Fixed] Incorrect stat on Greater Sludge Panther. [Added] Redesigned name generator for NPCs. Droids & Pets [Fixed] A few incorrect system messages for DROID healing. [Fixed] Droid ranged attack animations. [Fixed] Droid pets now animate attacks and shoot lasers. [Fixed] Bug preventing pets from attacking indoors [fixed] Pets being able to attack through locked doors. [Fixed] Survey Droid mail format. [Fixed] Droids will no longer grant skill mods(ie:crafting/medical) when out of range, dead, or incapacitated. Weapons [Fixed] Weapon range modifiers on looted weapons are no longer modified by mob level, exceptional, legendary, or yellow modifiers. [Fixed] Heavy Weapon consumable animations now play properly. [Fixed] Grenade animations for last grenade in stack. [Removed] A bugged barrel appearance from laser carbines. [Fixed] Added missing customization templates to 4th gen 2h lightsaber. Items [Fixed] Ballot Box Terminal to use the correct crafting tool & station. [Changed] A target is no longer required for the divorce option to show on a ring. [Fixed] Imperial psg effectiveness maximums. [Fixed] Single stack looted components should no longer display a number when dropped. [Fixed] Use counts sticking on various game objects. [Added] Self powered harvester veteran reward. [Fixed] Vehicle Damage. [Fixed] Missing stats & effects on Chef food dustcrepe. [Fixed] Radiation sensor not functioning after a restart. [Added] Multiple new event perks. [Fixed] Survey tool ranges to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1. [Fixed] Items no longer have yellow text when removed from pre-existing crates. [Fixed] Powerups now have yellow text when crafted or removed from a crate, the crate text is still white. [Added] Redesigned name generator for resources. Crafting [Fixed] Components remaining in inventory after adding to Manf Slot. [Fixed] Using uncrated crafting tools as schematic slot ingredients. [Fixed] Crafting components not visually appearing in crafting slots. [Fixed] Crafting tools in backpacks will now output the final product to inventory automatically [Fixed] Completion of crafting an item no longer transfers the item to the crafter's inventory if the crafting tool is not in the crafter's inventory. [Fixed] Error in crafting experimentation calculations. Resources [Fixed] Resource throttle. Player Structures & Cities [Fixed] Static city garages to give a proximity message when a rider approaches. [Fixed] Not being able to transfer a structure containing vendors [Fixed] Positioning of all (hopefully) player structure signs. [Fixed] Dynamic spawns now cause the ground around them to be yellow in the place structure view. [Fixed] A full house will no longer prevent players from storing items in droids. PvP, Faction & GCW [Added] /showPvPStats command. [Changed] /showPvPRating command has been disabled. It has been replaced with /showPvPStats. [Added] PvP kill count tracking for all players. Kill count information can be checked by using /showPvPStats. [Changed] PvP rating calculation has been rewritten. [Added] PvP achievement badges (50 kills, 75 kills, 100 kills, 250 kills, 500 kills, 750 kills, 1000 kills, 1500 kills, 2000 kills, 2500 kills, 3000 kills, 4000 kills & 5000+ kills). [Added] Factional TEF active areas to all PvE GCW bases. [Changed] PvP base defenses can now only be attacked by players flagged as Overt. TEF or City TEF is no longer factored in. [Changed] PvP base defenses will now only attack players flagged as Overt. TEF or City TEF is no longer factored in. [Fixed] When shutting down a base destruction sequence, a player must now stay with the hq terminal for the entire minute. [Fixed] Players of the appropriate faction rank can now view the structure status of a faction base. [Fixed] PvE bases can no longer have any defenses donated or removed. [Added] A single defense can now be donated during a PvP base's vulnerability period. [Fixed] /gcwstatus now directs players to visit a recruiter or newsnet terminal to check the status. [Fixed] Newsnet terminal headlines will display when the sides are tied. [Added] Recruiter conversation option for checking planetary control scores. [Fixed] Numerous issues with GCW bases. [Fixed] GCW bases now a more accurate emulation of 14.1 Groups [Added] Group members now display their directional arrow and planet when out of range. [Fixed] PvpStatus is now updated to nearby group members when a member joins, leaves, or the group disbands. [Fixed] Permissions problem with items looted in Lottery or Random loot group loot options. Vendors [Removed] Invalid vendor bark phrase. [Fixed] Vendor ad-barking. [Fixed] Vendor status will no longer state that the vendor is operating normally when it is out of maintenance or empty. [Fixed] Deleted auction items not always getting destroyed from the database. Chat [Changed] Auction Chat and Galaxy Chat(General) will now be joined at character creation. Existing players will need to rejoin these channels. [Added] Custom chat channels. [Fixed] Spatial chat types now check for required skills. Themeparks [Fixed] DWB loot containers will no longer spawn SBD's unless the container has been refilled and will despawn after an hour if not killed. [Fixed] DWB ingredient loot colors. [Added] Updated Jabbas Palace mobs with patrols & animations. Missions [Fixed] Bug with escort target convo on some missions. [Fixed] Mission description and waypoint titles. [Fixed] BH missions can no longer be sliced. [Fixed] Declared faction destroy mission targets not having the proper faction set. Quests [Fixed] Valarian's theme park quest reward Mystical Orb to be a more accurate emulation of 14.1. [Added] Stimpack A schematic quest reward functionality. [Fixed] Final quest turn-in for The Warren to grant proper faction point reward. [Fixed] Hero of Tat ranch intercom bug. [Fixed] Hero of Tat issue that would not let multiple people complete it at the same time. [Fixed] Lifeday not being repeatable every year. [Added] Bestine Melios Purl quests. [Added] Pooja Naberrie questline (Deja Peak, Naboo). [Added] Kima Nazith questline (Deja Peak, Naboo). Misc/Server [Fixed] Stability issues. [Fixed] Several coverity defects. [Fixed] Some memory leaks. [Fixed] Race Condition. [Changed] Code refactoring.
  21. [h=2]Patch Notes 4/15/2016, Patch 4.7[/h]Patch 4.7 Profession: Jedi [Fixed] An issue where Jedi Initiate was not granting the proper certifications. GCW/Faction [Fixed?] An issue where turrets would sometimes not attack. Misc: Missions [Fixed] Several possible mission related crash to desktop causes. [Fixed] Bounty mission investigation experience reward is now 2% of the credit reward. (Up from 1%) [Fixed] NPC bounty mission success or failure is now based on who gets the loot, instead of the killing blow. Misc/Server [Fixed] Several possible server stability issues.
  22. [h=2]Patch Notes 3/10/2016, Patch 4.6[/h]Patch 4.6 Profession: Jedi [Changed] Jedi will now be required to spend at least 24 skill points in Force Sensitive Skills before advancing to Padawan. [Added] Forced respec system to ensure existing Jedi are in compliance with the 24 skill point requirement above. More information can be found at: http://swgreckoning.com/showthread.php?1253-Force-Sensitive-Skill-Requirement-Breakdown [Added] Force Sensitive skill modifiers. [Changed] Requirements for the Jedi Knight Trials / FRS System. You are now required to have 206 skill points invested and at least two tier 4 boxes in Jedi skills. [Changed] Lowered the base FRS experience loss to be more in line with Live. [Changed] Simplified experience loss calculation for non FRS Jedi. (skill points spent * 1000) [Fixed] An issue with the Jedi unlock system that would sometimes stop the progression of a player through the quest line. Profession: Bounty Hunter The Spray Shot skill can now only be used with a carbine. http://www.swgemu.com/bugs/view.php?id=6906'>http://www.swgemu.com/bugs/view.php?id=6906 Profession: Pistoleer The Fast Blast skill can now only be used with a pistol. http://www.swgemu.com/bugs/view.php?id=6906 Armor [Removed] Lightsaber resist from Tantel Armor. Misc/Server [Fixed] Stability issues.
  23. [h=2]Patch Notes 2/10/2016, Patch 4.5[/h]Patch 4.5 Profession: Jedi [Changed] Force Cost cap for total heal self changed to 760. [Changed] Small increase in force cost divisor for Total Heal Self and Total Heal Other. [Changed] Small increase to saber block chance. [Changed] Profession no longer factors into saber block chance. Profession: Architect [Added] The following schematics are now granted at Master Architect: Diner Bar, Diner Booth, Diner Counter Center, Diner Counter Corner, Diner Counter Corner Style 2, Diner Stool, & Diner table. Profession: Artisan [Added] Barc speeder schematic is now granted at Master Artisan. Profession: Politician [Added] Industrial Society & Scientific Society specialization choices now granted at Master Politician. Bounties [Fixed] An issue with light side Jedi not gaining FRS experience from Bounty Hunters who have their mission. [Fixed] An issue with Visibility Manager not calculating the proper reward for light side Jedi. Crafting [Added] The creator of an item can now rename the crafted item. Players [Changed] More starter areas can now be chosen after character creation. [Added] Basic /Assist command functionality. [Changed] Harvest corpse range increased to the same range as loot corpse. NPC's [Changed] Decreased force power damage of creature attacks by 15%. Items [Added] NGE Diner furniture. [Changed] Lowered base decay rate of speederbike swoops. [Chanded] Raised decay rate of all NGE vehicles to match swoops. [Changed] Increased the base experimentation of all NGE vehicles to match swoops. Cities [Added] Two new city specializations: http://www.swgemu.com/archive/scrapbookv51/data/20070130001253/ Structures [Changed] The NGE Diner now only takes 3 lots instead of 4. [Changed] The owner of a structure can now withdraw from its maintenance pool. Misc/Server [Fixed] Possible exploit with PvP rating gain. [Fixed] A few stability issues. [Changed] Code cleanup and refactoring.
  24. [h=2]Patch Notes 12/12/2015, Patch 4.4[/h]Patch 4.4 Profession: Jedi Fixed an issue with Absorption_Poison skill modifier not calculating correctly. Force Resist Poison will now work correctly. Fixed an issue with Absorption_Disease skill modifier not calculating correctly. Force Resist Disease will now work correctly. Fixed an issue with Absorption_Bleed skill modifier not calculating correctly. Force Resist Bleed will now work correctly. Profession: Bounty Hunter Mission payouts will now properly increase if your target is in the FRS. For each FRS rank, there will be a corresponding increase. Creatures Force Choke tick lowered further. Items Adjusted dot weapon chance. Misc/Server Fixed a stability issue.
  25. [h=2]Patch Notes 12/8/2015, Patch 4.3[/h]Patch 4.3 Profession: Jedi Fixed an issue with robe generation on FRS rank increase. Profession: Bounty Hunter Trap invulnerability time against players adjusted to 60 seconds. Trap duration against players adjusted to 6 seconds. Players Fixed a few cases where players would be invisible while on their speeder or after dismounting. Creatures Force Choke damage has again been reduced using a new calculation. Items Fixed Diner structure loot schematic. Loot Readded NGE diner schematic to loot groups. Adjusted drop rate on NGE structures. Misc/Server Fixed a stability issue. Fixed village active area ejection shield.

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