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    Greetings and hello, fellow Reckoneers!!!! The holidays are upon us and what a better way to celebrate them than in game than with a LOTTO?? Sheila will be putting up 3 million of her OWN MONEY, along with a donor who has pledged another 3 million, to have a Christmas LOTTO in the city of ORD SINISMAR, on Naboo! If anyone else would like to donate to this LOTTO, please email Sheila, and let her know if you want to be named, or be kept anonymous. As always, the entry fee will only be 20k, and winner takes all! This LOTTO will run for ONE WEEK, from Sunday, December 20th, until Sunday, December 27th. Best of luck to you all! -Sheridan / Sheila
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    You...…. lol
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    That's because *SOMEONE* forgot I said CST since, you know, I live in CST. lol
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    Hey Reckoneers!!!! City event is on Saturday!! If you would like to donate any goodies, prize packs, or money for the LOTTO, let Sheila know! Also, as I will be doing some easter egg hunts, if you would like to a similar game, let Sheila know, so I can give you admin to a building in order to hide stuff! Hope to see you all there!! -Sheridan / Sheila
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