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  1. Do remember, when we do see more and more people on Reckoning, your Rank 11 with a dual mastery template has around 9k FP...they are already difficult to kill. Adding this amount of FP would leave something to be said about balance.
  2. Incredibly fair assessment but bro, it'll add fun.
  3. You're right, I want a 14.1 experience. I didn't come here to have crazy features that aren't 14.1 and become a Bloodfin. 100%. You're entitled to your opinion and I am to mine. This will literally causing griefing that everyone was so high and mighty complaining about when we implemented the FRS. It's stupid, PvP should be limited to those periods because once it's leaves that short realm...it'll be chaos.
  4. I disagree entirely with this. First and foremost the system that was implemented in the NGE was terrible and it actually caused a good amount of griefing because people would target entertainers or other characters that might be had to go overt for a minor purpose. Two, it's silly honestly. It really sorry we have a mission here that, while I agree we can add minor things here and there, this is fundamentally altering the game. Cool, it's iconic and it's cool to some but overall it alters the entire state of the game. If we want to become like every other server out there, I'll just stop playing SWG all together. Three, it actually ruins PvP. How? Now players have to worry about being killed post PvP because they killed someone PvP. That's stupid as hell. Again if you're going with the iconic argument I ask you check out another server. It'll lead to massive griefing because players will be unbuffed and doing something else to be killed after PvP takes place. Let's leave 14.1 with minor additions. This, game breaking and will lead us down the dark road to Bloodfin and the other crap servers that are failing. Oh plus let's not break PvP more
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