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  1. I would add in craftable factional armor sets with the same materials as composite, and with the color options (like green swamp or gold rebel assault). That would not change anything as far as gameplay and would add in authenticity-- Star Warsy and iconic. :D


    Those last two phrases alone should warrant a permanent ban.

  2. Have it applicable to transfer force, SL abilities ,etc???


    AFAIK it's for most heals and Jedi related things. Aso might be better able to answer, if not we can always submit a bug report and get that fixed.

  3. Group TEFs served little purpose in pre-cu other than helping people grief and gank others. That's why it was removed.


    The rules for 14.1 jedi/BH interaction aren't even accurate at the moment, they are closer to group TEF than they are to true BH/Jedi TEF considering outside healing is allowed, BH/jedi are allowed to benefit from SL, etc.


    In case you don't know what im talking about: http://www.swgemu.com/bugs/view.php?id=6827





    [Fixed] A missing bountyLock check that was allowing heals when it shouldn't of.

  4. Yes, it would take coding. Balance takes coding, and tweaking code.


    Adding a 24 point system like you are suggesting also takes coding.


    I'm just saying, there's multiple ways to solve a problem, and one way can be as good as another way, if the end result is balanced game-play.


    That does take coding, but this suggestion would sincerely unbalance that. That's my stance on the issue.

  5. That would take immense coding because those "non-Jedi skills" include essential skills that fall underneath that category; also, the second option is just totally unrealistic.


    This suggestion would serve to totally unbalance the game.


    EDIT: Somehow edited your post instead, my apologies.

  6. I am just passing mention of this as it reminded me while I was reading another thread.


    If we do indeed put this through, this would permit the issue with the 24 FS SP to be negated, what I mean by that is that if we permit these robe changes it will imbalance Jedi. For instance, we all know the recent issue with Jedi and Novice Brawler, if this passed through Jedi could effectively keep that and make up the lack of Force Power and potentially unbalance the system itself.


    Something to keep in mind.

  7. I think the system of a group bounty TEF will help a bit.


    EDIT: For those who do not know, it use to be that way. Bounty Hunters use to go out in what were the OG "Gank squads" by having a mission and would RELENTLESSLY hunt Jedi, but likewise, Jedi started to roll with 20-man groups or in a guild solo group so when you messed with one, you messed with all. This is where the TEF system came into play and literally caused day long fights on servers. Granted, we aren't going to have 100 vs. 100 but 20 man vs. 20 man is definitely not something to sneeze at!

  8. It wouldn't be an additional 375. It would be an additional 125 with Council Member robes over current values.


    Correct, an additional +375 on top of the added FRS bonuses. So, at Rank 10, it's +1510 PLUS the +375 (+250 base and +125 added value) giving a dual master at Rank 10 (with robe equipped) 9,260 Force.

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