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  1. Griefing whom? the BH who wants to take the jedi's xp away, which is kind of griefing in itself but part of the game mechanic ... just as group tef was too late in the pre-cu. I don't see this as griefing at all it just means you come differently prepared. The only sad thing is in this version jedi aren't that strong anyway, a small group of 4 people could obliterate a jedi probably fairly easy if they are good players in live that wouldn't be the case. I recall some 20 man groups coming after me with my mission, and I also remember being in some of those 20 man groups.
  2. I'll just address this comment. the group TEF system to me in a game that has a pvp mechanic is not about griefing ... it's about protecting your own. If you are grouped with other people, chances are you are friends with those other people if you are out doing stuff together, why shouldn't they be able to assist you being attacked. This is a WAR! In a war you don't say to your fellow faction mates ... oh sorry there is no tef you'll just have to die and be a good sport about it. You say .. one of him 3 of us, lets kick his ass!. To me ... the only time a pvp mechanic is griefing, is when it is locked to encounter, and especially where BH are concerned where BH can team up and all have a mission to make it 3vs1, that is griefing. TEF all the way .. you mess with someone you better have your own friends to back you up or don't fire the first shot.
  3. i'm not a big fan of swgcraft .. i prefer galaxy harvester but anything is better than nothing
  4. if we are going to be discussing how it was in 14.1 though in terms of robe use ... I'd rather see all of these bonuses and stats put on the character rather than on the clothing .. that way we could wear our own outfits and not lose the bonuses. Only bonus not on charater would be force pool from ranked robes not being included on character but on the clothing.
  5. thejoesho

    Player Bounties

    I honestly can see it going either way. I didn't mind the player bounty system the couple of times I "tested" the NGE for a week or two, that is about as much of it as I could stand. In fact my main pvp toon was my jedi and I was hated enough for all the deaths i had caused my enemies i had a 100mil bounty placed on me .. it was rather exciting until it was collected lol. I feel like the concept is a good one, I'm not sure with the lower population currently that it's a good thing. People are going to get mad no matter when they are killed, having a player bounty on you just means you have to be on your toes all the time and can't be lax and be prepared for someone to come for you. But I can see where griefing might occur because with a lower population there are fewer pvpers, which could lead to possible griefing but you do have 8 characters. The fact you have 8 character options on this server means you can keep a combat character that doesn't pvp so if you don't want to participate that day then play that character. Yeah it's a pain in the ass when a BH comes when you are trying to do something but that is kind of the cost of involving yourself in pvp ... it's a risk. Jedi have the risk daily ... It looks as if the answer is still yes on this post, so it's a matter of just planning your play accordingly ... if you don't want to be hunted then save a combat character for non pvp activities. That being said .. this is also a possible pvp killer in itself ... those that don't wish to be hunted in this manner will simply play another character who doesn't pvp ... so the possibility of pvping goes away with a lower population. I never minded being BH'ed on my jedi, however I never really supported the player bounty system in any form, because in live I saw it as a source of repeated griefing. Purposely flagging jedi by "accidently" running into their lair, then putting them in the hole xp wise and attempting to rinse and repeat this, I know many it happened to, I know this happened on other EMU servers but I haven't heard of it here. I guess i will just have to remain on the fence for this one, i see many angles to it's success and failure and there is no harm in trying it, just remember when you are doing something you deem important on that main character and someone lays the smack down on you, it is what you asked for
  6. I think why don't we cross that bridge when we have someone at those ranks and see if it would make it too OP. Because until there is a path to get that much FRS and keep up with the daily maintenance, it's not likely we will see these anyway
  7. I'm sure i'm late to this reply ... would it not make more sense to put all "increases" on the character instead of on the robes, as if you lost rank and still had the robes that would seem a bit unfair.
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