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  1. Despair

    New Planets

    Agreed with this, as much as I loved the CU expansion planets and the gear that came with it, if Reckoning is to do something similar it would probably be more in-line with Pre-CU if armor/weapons dropped as schematics first, then fit into the crafting system, but not have all the post-CU content the 'de-facto' option... Example Composite armor in the armor category due to it's resistance mechanics is regarded as the 'best' overall armor if made correctly for human-like races, if they introduced a new crafted type armor from post-CU SWG, make it at least on-par with Composite, if not slightly less preferred, or maybe more in niche situations. Just my 2 credits.
  2. Despair

    New Planets

  3. ViT is Eternal!

  4. Ah ok, yeah I missed that part in your original post, my mistake.
  5. Yeah, but then a player could just keep converting robes and have all socketed clothing items equippable with +250 max and +10 regen.
  6. That actually sounds like a good idea, however if you converted the robe to a CA set for regular clothing, how would you handle robe replacement on the shrine/frs terms? The only way I could see that would be to have a SUI List Box popup on the FRS Term to select your piece of clothing(s) with the CA's attached and convert them back into a robe. There would also need to be a trigger in the code incase you accidentally delete your clothing with the CA set on them for whatever reason.
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