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  1. Yah, no. We can't fill the cities on the server now.
  2. Hotbox

    New Planets

    Apparently, satire is lost on people these days.
  3. Hotbox

    New Planets

    I would add in craftable factional armor sets with the same materials as composite, and with the color options (like green swamp or gold rebel assault). That would not change anything as far as gameplay and would add in authenticity-- Star Warsy and iconic.
  4. You could also cap it like other CA's are capped at +25
  5. That's why it should cause massive visibility.
  6. Ok well if I'm outvoted , I'm outvoted. But this will end badly IMHO.
  7. I dont disagree changes can be made.....but.... Good luck trying to cap an enhancer with a force pool the size of a Buick. It's already tough to beat a ranked enhanced or defender in the FRS-- or heal through a ranked powers. Steepening the angle by which jedi get stronger is only going to make it tougher to get rank is all I'm saying. The real question is: Why? Why mess with this at this point? What is it you are trying to accomplish?
  8. A better idea, since it doesn't affect balance. FRS enhanced robes would affect balance. Look at the lightsaber block nerf and changes to BH-- people are hiding in houses now! You've removed the ability for players to not be forced into PVP with those changes. Please don't alter the game balance any more!
  9. Robe strength did not increase in Live It should not here. The FRS is what does it not the robe. By doing so you will steepen the curve of the FRS and increase the likelihood that people on top will stay on top
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