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  1. until

    Foundry diner at -243 -5667 on Corellia is by far the finest shopping experience on the server and deserves the win!
  2. racineraiders

    Player Bounties

    Overall this system is voluntary - You choose to deathblow - You choose to place the bounty - You choose to pvp Griefing sure it could happen but if properly written it will be fine - Triple Incap check if the player who triple incapped you was also the player who killed you prior to the last. - Taking your own bounty? Account owner check - Buddy taking bounty? disallow guildmates. Still worried? Don't place a bounty. - Common sense ban assholes like has already been done in the past. So its simple really this system will increase PvP, and can be controlled. Lastly its 100% optional for both sides when it comes to participation!
  3. Because you can. meh still like the idea seems to have support.
  4. Ive hunted plenty of Jedi not in houses.
  5. racineraiders

    Player Bounties

    Then kill incap him and dont DEATHBLOW him the system revolves around you actually sending someone to the cloner. It also depends on you actually having the guy put a bounty on you he doesnt have to. The only people affected are those that killed someone else not anyone else so kill someone and well they may have someone come kill you then its over.... So if your opposed just dont DB. Again it wasnt an NGE thing it was on Live in the early days with corpse run etc. If its like that system it was fun and enjoyable.
  6. racineraiders

    Player Bounties

    I totally disagree The bounty system wasn't an NGE thing it was brought back. In the corpse run days there was a bounty system. - My rebuttal ENTERTAINERS, DOCs artisans are not death blowing people so they don't get bounties ever. - Friendly PvP you don't have to put up a bounty so not an issue. You do get a bounty on you when your an ass and pick a guy off soloing a base and you DB him.
  7. racineraiders

    Player Bounties

    Think it would be a great addition. I think whats great about it is that its player economy driven. The BH vs Jedi hunting would also be player economy driven as I would assume they would be in the same boat if they killed a player. Killed being DB'd. Glad to see this poll.

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