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  1. Caretaker

    Galactic Home Show


    Ahhh, only time will tell. 🙂🤘
  2. Caretaker

    Galactic Home Show


    Kara would like to enter her guild hall on tat at 6216 4259. It is used for meetings and a mall. Thank you
  3. Caretaker

    Galactic Home Show


    Terpis would like to invite you to look round her Cantina at 6223 4325 on tat.
  4. Nice to be back. Nice to see old friends. Shame some of the others have not moved on haha... Oh well just like the real world haha. 

  5. Back on star sider.    Do you remember FDWS guild ? 

    1. Bareth



      It rings a bell. Where were they based? Any notable pvpers or Jedis? I was in Reign, Siege, JGRN and later on Overt. Some people I played with :Carbonizator, Executioner, Motion (OVERT). Some JGRN friends: Sotanax, Hirozu, Highway Patrol. I knew some people from Cats as well. Some other friends: Marcellus, Massacre, Equinox, Loq.


      I am just looking for a possible connection thats why the long message. 

    2. Caretaker


      Gwar was GL I think. we where on Tat .  God is it bad I cant remember my own toon lol umm 

  6. Caretaker

    New Planets

    Great plan. on Stand by to test on test server.
  7. lol Good to know.

  8. Yup :) , /dirtyimp - /lol :)

  9. Are you with the Darkside? ......

  10. If this does go ahead. Why do we want to put it on SWG craft website. Please could it just be on this websites forum. I and others don't want to be checking a 2 nd website for info as well.... Im a No.
  11. Caretaker

    Player Bounties

    Also can we have it so any Master can take a bountie not just BH's. But only BH can take jedi... what you think? and yes a Master dancer could take it if they really wanted to...
  12. Caretaker

    Player Bounties

    Ya go for it. If it don't work we can vote it back

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