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  1. until

    Thanks Rincewind, This event was super fun, Learned my BH could hang with a tusken Executioner for as long as needed :) .
  2. until

    What time Zone is this meeting, Times posted not time zone, Thanks.
  3. Will Santa be visiting the Europeans ?, thanks .
  4. Lokro

    New Planets

    lol, I could just see you and benz sitting at the starports waiting with your knife and fork for a feast heheheheh
  5. Lokro

    New Planets

    Yes and If they add content with this affect the current unlock system here ?
  6. Lokro

    New Planets

    Yes, But they would need content also , an incentive for players to go there . Thanks.
  7. Yup :) , /dirtyimp - /lol :)

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