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  1. I would like to see this, the mechanic of allowing 2 groups to fight one another due to a bounty would bring an interesting mechanic to PvP situations. I think it can lead to some escalated group mechanics we don't see right now. Jedi will group with one another to defend against BHs, BHs will come with 20-man groups knowing this... and there will be blood.
  2. Anything to help crafters\resource harvest folks is alright in my book ha.
  3. Larce

    Player Bounties

    I voted yes to this. Anything that increases the BH mechanic is good to me, adds an additional element tot he pvp mechanic & brings more business for BHs. Now we just need those smuggler missions heh.
  4. Ah yes a cap would work also, would give player choice if they can pick the chest piece they want while allowing the proper controls to curtail the bonuses.
  5. Indeed. You wear the robes, your looking for a fight. Period.
  6. Why it would be chest only, could make it a specific shirt or item to wear under clothing, doesn't have to be a "CA" in particular.
  7. Other servers allow you to have more than one robe, so I don't think this is an issue.
  8. I voted yes, but not for what was asked in poll if that makes sense lol. I vote yes to FRS giving a bonus (Not the robes), and yes to a change to the robes, but not what's stated. (I do like the idea of them being reviewed and updated though) Yes to FRS Bonus, and Yes to robes being changed into an item like a CA when drag n' dropped onto a clothing chest piece. The Robe modifiers are then applied to the chest piece and consumed like a CA. I've never agreed with the fact we have robes in the first place, the time period is supposed to be one of concealment. "HERE I AM I R JEDI" as you walk around in robes is just weird to me, but that's just my opinion.
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