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  1. Since we are not yet overrun with player cities, planets that support housing would not be needed in the first ones added. Though as it goes forward a planet that was better suited to player cities than some we have would be nice also, with large flat expanses just for cities.


    Another interesting planet would be a full PvP zone planet. Maybe similar to Deep Space for pilots where before you can enter you must either be Rebel, Imperial, or if civilian you must choose a side before entering but return to civilian when leaving, but it is fully PvP there at all times.


    As population grows, more wide open spaces will always be welcome. By the end of Live, you could hardly walk on any planet that allowed houses without running into one.


    id be all for a pvp planet. eveyone is flagged up and non stop pvp for when people are there but to keep it semi fair could throw down like blue frogs in the non pvp area to like get foods ready and groups etc so everyone has same buffs.

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