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  1. Back on star sider.    Do you remember FDWS guild ? 

    1. Bareth



      It rings a bell. Where were they based? Any notable pvpers or Jedis? I was in Reign, Siege, JGRN and later on Overt. Some people I played with :Carbonizator, Executioner, Motion (OVERT). Some JGRN friends: Sotanax, Hirozu, Highway Patrol. I knew some people from Cats as well. Some other friends: Marcellus, Massacre, Equinox, Loq.


      I am just looking for a possible connection thats why the long message. 

    2. Caretaker


      Gwar was GL I think. we where on Tat .  God is it bad I cant remember my own toon lol umm 

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