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  1. until

    Is prompt staff participation required in this one?
  2. until

    wow nice
  3. until

    it's 3 hours, not 4 Sheridan .
  4. until

    Last night it was 11am-2pm EST. Now it's 2 hours later. Which is it? You all changing the time last second is killing me.
  5. until

    One of my favorites, thanks!
  6. kithsyn

    Galactic Home Show


    The suspense...
  7. kithsyn

    Galactic Home Show


    Would like to enter a 2nd entry. It may not be completely finished today but thought I would submit it anyway. Anyone on the late shift later tonight to review it? House of Tapes on 25th street on beyond, dantooine. -5980 -4789 Jedi Meditation Room Owner: Macarthur
  8. kithsyn

    Galactic Home Show


    Kith would like to enter my bunker. Dune Sea, Tatooine. -2476, -6133. it's been redecorated in 2 rooms as well as other additions Hopefully, a 2nd entry coming soon. Thanks!
  9. until

    Darn, I missed it! Love this one.
  10. until

    Sorry I couldn't be a part! Sad to hear this is the last of these type of events.
  11. until

    We always try to outdo ourselves...and every other city event to date. Come out!
  12. kithsyn

    Galactic Home Show


    very nice bud. well done!
  13. kithsyn

    Galactic Home Show


    My Musta Bunker in TOrton Grove, Rori. WP -2646, 6537. Each room has a theme. Thanks!
  14. until

    Any other events this weekend for holiday ?
  15. until

    Thanks to all who came out to the city. 5 lucky winners came away with some significant loot along with Staff giveaway. And mostly, we all had fun! Congrats to Kvack!

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