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  1. kithsyn

    City Highlight-Supernova-Tatooine


    Thanks to all who came out to the city. 5 lucky winners came away with some significant loot along with Staff giveaway. And mostly, we all had fun! Congrats to Kvack!
  2. kithsyn

    City Highlight-Supernova-Tatooine


    We are pumped! And we will be planning on lots of goodies for everyone that comes out to participate!
  3. kithsyn

    Galactic Home Show


    Nice congrats!!
  4. kithsyn

    Galactic Home Show


    Today is the day!
  5. kithsyn

    Galactic Home Show


    I'd like to nominate my bunker home, Peace Be With You, for its creativity and ability to have every single room in that humongous place decorated. But something definitely smells....fishy! 😉 Torton Grove, Rori Waypoint -2651 6549
  6. kithsyn

    BH mark invasion of Kaadara


    A fabulous event. Well, not for the ferals and darksiders.
  7. kithsyn

    Coronet Fight Night


    No one leaves, unless a DJK is pulled and Kalvin ports them out. was a blast!
  8. kithsyn

    City Highlight - Torton Grove

    And us citizens of Grove are gearing up to have some fun door prizes for those that visit our fine city. If you like loot, you won't want to miss it!
  9. kithsyn

    Community Meeting

    Yes, I'd like to know this info. I tried to find the link/connection point last time but wasn't able to. Granted, I did not plan ahead very well last time! Any more information on this would be helpful. Thanks!
  10. kithsyn

    SWGReckoning Community Meeting Dec 16th 1pm

    This is great. Thanks for doing this.
  11. ok I will let you know when server comes back up if I need them or not. :)

  12. Hey! I noticed a few months ago you said you had artisan and architect grind packs available. Do you still have those available at your vendor? I’m new to the server! Thanks.

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